Sunday, October 14, 2007

sunday breakfast @ oldtown white coffee

after music class this morning (i know! what a spoiler to sunday mornings to wake up at an ungodly hour- 7am(!!) to go for music class... grrr, but that's another story) i ajak'ed eiling for breakfast cos i wanted to eat polo bau.

p/s: i love wikipedia.

oldtown ice fire polo bun

anyway (gosh, 'anyway' seems to be the only 'kata hubung' i know of), we went to oldtown white coffee, ss15 outlet. this 'konon-nya' kopitiam that will give you an old nostalgic feeling of the olden days are mushrooming to so many outlets, its soooooo commercialized i hate it.

oldtown white coffee, ss15 outlet

dont even tell me about 'uncle lim's cafe' (though we have the same surname...).
yorrr... overpriced, overrated, and not tasty hawker food. i hate paying so much for cheap everyday-everywhere food like nasi lemak, char kuew teow, asam laksa and kai see hor fun.

(L)- kedai kopi sin yuan loong
(R)- kedai kopi sin yuan foong

what's the difference? i dont know too. maybe theyre bros? twins? or enemies?? like this--> sri paandi vs sri paandi

kedai makanan nam heong

watercolor picture credits: joekhor


if my knowledge as an ipoh-born and bred serves me well, ipoh white coffee ('pak kopi') is as famous as the ipoh chicks in... ipoh *shamelessly points to self, GRINS :D*

mention sin yuan loong (hardly ever comes by people mentioning sin yuan foong though) or nam heong and images/smell/illusion of white coffee comes flashing through ipoh'ians minds. i wasnt a big fan of white coffee when i was still living in ipoh though, maybe cos its everywhere and easiyly buy-able whenever i crave for it (though i hardly ever craved for it then- mana ada budak kechik crave for white coffee right?? crave also crave for mcdonalds ke, kfc ke, pizza hut ke etc).

the menu

accompanying the aroma of white coffee would be the famous old fashioned breakfast- toasts with half boiled eggs. the bestestest simple, tasty, nutritious and convenient breakfast set.

NOTHING can beat kluang's roti bakar. (some kopitiam in kluang, which i dont know the name of, sorry!!) but serves damn good charcoal toasted roti bakar with slabs of butter *so good can faint*

they'd probably have a million reprints of this backdrop considering the amount of outlets they have!

anyway, i did a lil' read-up on ipoh white coffee and the kopitiams and found out that these few above mentioned kedai kopi-s are the founding inspirations for the modern kopitiams like uncle lim's, oldtown, kluang station etc. and these new kopitiam babies are multiplying to everywhere!

1Utama- check!
SS15, Subang- check!
Taipan, USJ- check!
Cyberjaya- check!
Queensbay Mall- check!
Megamall, Penang- check!
Taman Maluri- check!
Low Yat Plaza- check!
Ipoh Parade- check!
Ipoh Garden- check!
Ipoh Greentown- check!
(i was told every corner in ipoh has an outlet!)

... too many-lah!!

A Dunggu's Guide to Getting Rich: open a donuts or kopitiam franchise!

sorry for my digression, moving on to my review of oldtown...

hot 'xi mut' milk tea- rm2.20

oldtown enrich hot chocolate- rm2.80

'xi mut milk tea', what is that?

Xi mut is actually a smooth and fine cotton cloth. This cloth is used as a strainer when making the tea. The tea will be strained though this Xi mut for at least 7 times before the tea can be served.
source: eatfirstthinklater

it has a 'chef's recommendation' logo, so i'd thought why not give it a try. my verdict? NO GOOD. eiling's enrich chocolate was NO GOOD as well. first off, the supposely 'hot' beverages are not HOT, its merely warm. the 'xi mut' milk tea tasted weird, i suppose they curi tulang and strained it 3 times or so instead of 7 times (??) the enrich chocolate tasted rather normal only (milo tastes better, IMHO).

kaya and butter toast (double)- rm2.00

the butter looks like 2 crinkled fries, eh? tastewise, i kinda like this but hate the fact that the toast was served cold... although it was crispy, it lacks the authentic roti bakar feel- crispy, warm and fluffy bread? i dont know how to describe it but oldtown's version is just crispy fullstop.

kaya and butter thick toast- rm2.50

the flavours of kaya and butter could only be tasted on the top layer. as you can see, its a thick toast, with stingy spread of kaya and butter, so most of the time i could only taste white bread. its very filling (since its thick!) but again, its not served warm :(((

ice fire polo bun- rm2.20 per piece

somehow it tasted better during my first visit. again, its not warm. whyyyyyy :(((((

breakfast for two

it was my treat and the bill came up to...


my final verdict: i dont like it.

on a non food-related note, my international accounting assignment is driving me 'cheeseeeeen'!! arghhhhhhhhh :S

oldtown white coffee (ss15 outlet)
92, jalan ss15/4,
47500 subang jaya,
selangor darul ehsan.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin said...

Hmm... I am no big fan of kopitiam. But I do love toast bread with half boiled kampung egg. Yummy! My favorite toast is the one from Kim Gary, their french just "mo tak teng"(canto)! Now that is super duper nice! Thick fried bread... with creamy peanut butter in between, topped off with a piece of butter and the right amount of honey over it. Any koptiam also can't compare.... but maybe HK kopitiam :-p

Chang said...

everytime i go old town..i'll order ximut lai cha...tat's all
maybe 2 eggs

YilingL said...

calvin: yeah we were only talking bout the non existance half boiled eggs in US the other day eh? kim gary's french toast... eat by myself i will jelak for next 2 weeks edi. heheh.

chang: aiyer, guess we have different tastebuds in our milk tea. i dun really like the taste of ximut lai cha la... weird ^-^

~ shin ~ said...

Oh.. xi mut milk tea stands for "panty hose milk tea". The "baki sisa" of tea is so fine that they have to filter it by using panty hose. So that's how it got its name ;) hope it helps :p

YilingL said...

~ shin ~ : hi! thanks for the info. but i still dont really like xi mut tea. hehehe.

~ shin ~ said...

i don't like it either, it tasted weird :p hmm i'm wondering if they're using "used" xi mut huh? hehe..

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