Thursday, November 29, 2007

chocolate fruits fondue

cant afford ridiculously priced fondue sessions ?? well, make it yourself then !!

all you need is any fruits of your choice... except maybe durian-lah !! but if you wanna try, go ahead !!

# tips- soak fruits that brown easily with lemon juice to prevent them from browning fast ;-)

kiutsy lil mandarin oranges

pears and red apples


mango tango

going banana over bananas

carrerful fruit platter

next, using only the finest chocolate couverture (my sis works in a choc company, remember ??) ...

wait for choc to melt... and wait... and wait... and wait... (actually it melts pretty fast)

smooth fine chocolate dip
(p/s: the device is a real fondue device by mistral)

a *snap* before we attack !!

yumm... yummz ;-)

of all the fruits, bananas compliment the choc most !! so if you're planning to do this at home, buy more bananas yah !!

oh yeah, you cant just melt the chocolate by direct heat... it has to be double-boiled :)


shameless advertorial: since we're on the subject of chocolates... i'll be working in bangsar village together with 2 other friends (param & jill) manning the fidani chocolatier booth from 7th- 28th dec. please come and find me k !! also if you need xmas pressies... we've got really great quality chocolates and packagings specially made for xmas !!

cheeeeeerios :)

p/s: ive been cooking alot of late ! im no longer the "perfect epitome of one who eats but doesnt cook" as written in my profile !! HAHA. recipes coming up soon !! stay tune ;-)


ŴąļַҜäַŦăŋ said...

Bangsar Village? The new wing or the older one? That's where me, Chang and TungJern worked b4 =P

The Sadist said...

I oso wanna eat fondue!! Darn...too far from civilisation...missing Haagen Dazs so bad now. Know what you're missing? Strawberries...greatest accompaniment for chocolate, IMHO

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I think choc goes best with bananas and strawberries. Do they have dark choc as well? I love dark choc. Wonder anyone has done dark choc fondue before. Does your sis have dark choc for fondue?

YilingL said...

waikeat: our booth will be at the space opposite grocer village. the old wing. if only you're here, i will make you come and buy !! HAHA.

kahyee: HAHA. initially we wanted to buy ice cream and make them like the Haagen Dazs ice cream balls fondue. strawberries!! yeah, but couldnt find that at pasar tani... if my mom sees this, she'll think we're living the lives of kings ;-p

calvin: yeap, we mixed dark and milk choc in our fondue. dark choc ur fav !! ;-)

Precious Pea said...

Homemade choc fondue! Yumzzz! Doing it at home much cheaper and can eat till drop! Hehehe...i think durian actually not a bad idea.

YilingL said...

precious pea: hi!! great to have you here... linked you up if you dont mind ;-) yeah, for about rm20 can have a hearty fondue session for a few peeps. maybe you can be adventurous and try doing durian fondue and we'll see how it taste! HAHA.

The Sadist said...

Erm...well, I think your mom is right! *wink*!

YilingL said...

kahyee: well luckily my mom doesnt know the existence of my blog yet! though i did tell her when she questioned why i need to snap pictures of food. Hehe :p

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