Sunday, November 25, 2007

the ranch cafe

not knowing where to eat for lunch yesterday noon, and we didnt wanna go out as roadblocks are everywhere (read: hindraf rally). we (jon, eiling and i) decided to try this cafe in the kota kemuning neighborhood. not very proud to say that i live here yet dont know this place too well- for eg. where to have a decent meal except mcdonalds.

the ranch it was then.

the ranch cafe

upon entrance we were greeted by a christmas tree but sadly they werent any patrons in the cafe. we were the one and only table of three- from the moment we came and left :(

ho, ho, ho merry christmas!

the menu

and these are what we had...

jon's pattaya spicy fried rice- rm12.00

eiling's spaghetti bolognaise- rm14.00

my beef stronganoff- rm13.00
beef tenderloin sauteed with mushroom and onion sauce served with buttered rice

ice lemon tea- rm2.50

food that makes you sigh... first off, jon commented that the rm12 for his pattaya fried rice can be better spent elsewhere. i tried a spoonful and indeed asia cafe can fry better and its only rm4.50 compared to this rm12. eiling's spaghetti bolognaise comes in a big portion but what good it is when it tastes bad. the spaghetti were overcooked leaving strands of pasta all soft and once twirled around the fork, everything breaks into small pieces. BAD. my beef blahblahblah came as a disappointment as i thought it was a western fare given its non-asian name. but anyway, the beef itself was alright, they were many slices of beef but i dont quite like the rice. actually i dont like mixed vege itself. you know those lil peas, corns and carrot bits??

total bill- rm44.00

yay for no taxes. but boohoo for the pricey bad quality food.

will we come back again? NO. as jon said, "the food is ranch'ed". whatever thats supposed to mean, im sure it means bad. enuff said ;-)

the ranch cafe
14, jalan anggerik vanilla y 31/y,
kota kemuning,
40460 shah alam.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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