Monday, November 12, 2007

restoran shabu-shabu

for dinner we proceeded to restoran shabu-shabu located at puchong, as yours truly felt like having some steamboat :p

mention klang and automatically, bak kut teh comes into your mind. the same is for bandar puteri commercial area, every few alternating shops serves either steamboat/shabu-shabu/korean bbq. its certainly gonna be a hard time deciding which shop to go to if you dont have a specific one in mind.

i, of cos have done my homework and so restoran shabu-shabu is the place to be for us...

restoran shabu-shabu

upon entering, we were asked weather we wanted the buffet or ala carte. the waiter showed us the menu and explained that for buffet we'll be getting to eat all these...

... and these are complimentary in the buffet set as well:

bottomless drinks
mango slush, grape slush, green tea, sky juice

the pork slices above are retailed at rm4 per plate (if ala-carte) and for 6 persons, we'll have 4 plates, bottomless drinks, every single thing in the menu... for rm25 per person.

pay first, eat later

buffet area is at the upper floor. upon entering, this is what we saw. interesting concept, isnt it?

raw food are placed in these plastic containers and transported around in a conveyor belt, just like the sushi concept. all-you-can-eat and eat-whatever-you-want concept. for groups of 6, there are also tables which allow you to sit opposite each other (but have to reserve early) instead of side-by-side, but of cos the furthest person will face inconvinience getting food from the conveyor belt.

sushi king-inspired concept

shabu-shabu is a japanese variant of hot pot or what is known to us as steamboat. shabu-shabu is roughly translated as "swish-swish" due to the swishing sound you get when you dip your meat slices in the boiling soup. unbeknowst to many, shabu-shabu differs from steamboat in a way that you dont actually dump everything in the pot and wait for them to cook. the correct way would be holding a thin slice of meat or vege and dipping it in the boiling soup back and forth until it cooks.

step 1: allow the soup to boil

step 2: select any meat/vege of your choice

step 3: dip it in the boiling soup for say 5 secs

step 4: lift it up, say bout 3 secs

step 5: dip it in again

step 6: ready to eat! make sure meat is cooked :)

besides having an interesting buffet style conveyor belt concept, every person has his/her own individual pot and fire (its not fire, they use electrical heating) can be controlled according to one's liking. we like having individual pots as its more hygenic and everything is according to your own liking, dont have to ask opinions of others.

safe and convenient

the array of food are what you get in other steamboat places- the usual, chicken, mutton, beef, fish slices, green veges, tofu, squids, egg, mushrooms, fishballs, meatballs, prawnballs, squid rolls, prawns, fu pei, meat dumplings, fried stuff etc. there are also items that dont normally appear like mussels (all-you-can-eat!!), baby octopus (the japanese type), kimchi, chicken gizzards, pork livers. not everything in the menu were on the conveyor belt though...

service is ok, but funny that they dont provide you with spoons, you have to get them yourself. the place is clean and not hot and stuffy surprisingly. however, parking is not necessarily easy in this area. restoran shabu-shabu should not be too hard to find as it is just opposite Giant hypermarket.

and one for the scrapbook!

p/s: sorry for my horrijible picture editing skills :p

taste- 3.23
price- 3.18
ambience- 3.06
location- 2.28
service- 3.15

restoran shabu-shabu
no.19, jalan puteri 1/6,
bandar puteri,
47100 puchong.
(opposite Giant hypermarket)
opens daily from 5.00pm-11.30pm

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I like the concept for this restaurant. Not the best variety of food available for the hot pot but it's a fun experience. Knowing I like to cook my own food :-p. The soup is not too bad. Oh yeah, I think their chili sauce not enough 'ooomph'. Not spicy enough. But it's a unique blend of chili sauce though. May go there again when i come back. Put this place in the list ok, Yiling? But I am not too sure about the directions though. Who drove to this place? Directions must be very good.

Chang said...

i so gonna kill u jor...
my saliva all droping

YilingL said...

calvin: our dear chauffer kenneth and rong jiang giving directions. i didnt take the chilli sauce but heard jill said it was good? yeah quite fun to just play around... definitely a new concept in msia!

chang: u also got alot curry pics in your blog mah....

VicKie said...

eh benci siut !! ...
*vkie runs away*

YilingL said...

vickie: *tarik vickie back* wei janganla marah ya... what u want, i post up here for you k??

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