Thursday, November 1, 2007

thank god its friday

im officially done for the semester and the year! yesterday being my first and last paper for semester 6. and that would be 6 sems down, 1 more to go...!!

now, feast yourself with pictures of food, from where else but everyones favourite american food joint, tgi friday's (tgif). these are the collection of photos amassed from the few visits with friends throughout the year.

p/s: check out the american's tgif EXTENSIVE 3 course meals menu!! wish we have those in m'sia instead... and keep it to rm39.90 of course! then everyday can be a friday!!

pp/s: really do check out the the links above, and make sure you explore all the pages in the website. check out their retail products!!

do drop a comment if you can recognize and name the dishes/drinks. i shall name this the "how-well-do-you-know-your-tgif" challenge. im sure its gonna be a breeze for many tgif aficionados out there!

enjoy :)


main courses



tgi friday's® restaurants
at 1utama, subang parade, seksyen 14 pj, queensbay mall penang, the curve, life center kl, wisma jotice johor.


Jen said...

#1 dunno (looks like chicken), #2 fridays fried mushrooms thingy, #3 the jacket potato thingy, #4 no idea (looks like chicken too), #5 macaroni n cheese (omg i love!)

main course:
#1 not a clue (looks like chicken), # what is that? (looks like cheesey something), #3 what the? (rice!), #4 pasta (wtf i'm so clever), #5 fajitas! (hoho finally something i know!)

#1 mudpie! (only dessert i ever order), #2 never seen before, #3 the friday's sundae thingy!

wont bother. all i ever order is water =P

so what do i win? what do i win????? =D hahahhahha

Michelle Lee said...

buffallo wings (my dad's fave!), deep fried mushrooms and mudpie! yummy :) I hardly eat there, but I think the food that you get is really worth the amount you pay for.

Calvin said...

My fav is their buffalo wings and their Chicken + Beef Fajitas!

YilingL said...

jen: appetizers chicken is the famous buffalo wings la. the potato is called loaded potato skins, and yeps thats mac'n'cheese. i dun really like it though, taste so bland :(

actually i also dunno the names of most dishes. hahahahahah :-p and no prize-lah.

michelle lee: yups they come in big portions (justifies the price tags). i love the buffalo wings, its my fav too!!

calvin: i love buffalo wingssss!!

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