Friday, December 28, 2007

chokolat overload: fidani handmade gourmet chocolates

WARNING: chocolate overload!

all chocolates courtesy of fidani... finest chocolate creations.

this is what i see & eat everyday for 21 days

hazel crest
whole hazelnut on top of gianduja

soft gianduja with whole roasted almond

blend of hazelnut praline & gianduja with a biscuit crisp

the trios
a trio of hazelnuts on top of gianduja

melt-away gianduja coated in rich chocolate

almond attractions
chocolate cup filled with crunchy roasted almonds

hazel haven
smooth hazelnut gianduja

with silky mango cream filling

mocha marvel
hazelnut gianduja with a tint of mocha

macadamia praline
with smooth macadamia praline filling

almond affection (sugar free)
roasted almond on top of praline

mocha mood (sugar free)
filled with mocha praline

pure praline with crunchy almond nibs

classic praline truffle rolled in crunchy almond flakes

mass macadamia
chocolate cup with crunchy macadamias

ory truffle
tangy orange truffle dipped in rich chocolate

orangesilk (sugar free)
with cream of orange

vanilla elite (sugar free)
filled with vanilla praline


Kah Yee said...

Damn...sinful temptations! I love truffles!! But wat's gianduja?

YilingL said...

gianduja are chocolates with hazelnut cream/paste filling :)


after staring at those chocs for 3 weeks, ive had enuff for the year. haha i'll start eating them again next year.. which is like... tomorrow!

happy new year kah yee!

Kah Yee said...

Ah...I see.

Happy new year to you too, kid! = )

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