Saturday, December 1, 2007

golden mushroom asparagus bacon maki

cagayan's version

still on D-I-Y posts, today i will attempt to teach you guys how to make golden mushroom asparagus bacon maki like the one in cagayan's. it's very easy too- accomplished in 4 easy peasy steps!

Step 1: Prepare ingredients- asparagus, enoki mushroom, bacons, toothpicks, oil.

Step 2: Roll them into like this and fasten them with toothpicks or spring onion if you prefer ;-)

Step 3:
Drizzle a little oil on pan and put in rolled maki-es. Cook until bacon and mushroom browns and asparagus softens.

Step 4: Dish up and serve!

*important #tips- after washing bacon, remember to use kitchen towel to dry them up or bacon will contain water and becomes juicy when served. this dish is not supposed to be too juicy ;-)

have fun cooking!


the weekend is here!

yesterday night i went to skybar @traders hotel. it was awesome! will blog about it soon!


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...
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Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Yours definitely look way much better than Cagayans. You can go to cagayan and become their specialty chef for "golden mushroom asparagus bacon maki".

Kudos to Yiling!

PS. Why can't we edit comments! I always have spelling errors that I need to correct :-(

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