Tuesday, December 11, 2007

mr teppanyaki

as mentioned in my last post, i had a very bad experience at mr teppanyaki @ sunway pyramid. the outlet has been here for a very long time, it used to be green but they underwent a facelift and painted it red and with better furnishings. however, service remains poor and worst still, the food are getting worst as well.

it sucks cos we're big suckers for teppanyaki. we absoteppanyakingly love it. sighs.

anyway, after the facelift, the menu also changed- to the better as it has more variety of food now. would be best if the taste of food upgrades too, but... *sighs*

miso soup

beef teppanyaki- rm9.90

yose nabe- rm9.90

the beef teppanyaki was soooooo disappointing. look at one of our fav elements- the vege. NO CABBAGE??!!! what the hell. i remember that its a point to have a mountain of vege but all i see is NO CABBAGE and a flat pile of tauge -_-

AND that is not all! there are also missing elements of fried garlic and the sweet pickles that ALWAYS MUST come with teppanyaki sets. when asked where are the "side extras" the waitress just selamba-ly reply, "sudah habis". what the hell. it was only 12pm!! LIARS. dun have then say takde lah.

dont be deceived by the yose nabe. it is actually very small only.

hot green tea- rm2

does it look anything like green to you? worst still, what kind of cups are they using??! the one you're seeing in the foreground is actually those type of cups in wongkok char chan teng where they serve bubble tea with. somebody please tell the management that green tea and these cups SO DOESNT MATCH! whats worst than worst is that the cups are... yellowish. ohmaigourd.

i requested for my cup to be changed afterwards. its just so yuck and blehhhhh.

total bill- rm41.06

for such bad service and bad food... it is too much to pay for. i would highly recommend anyone and everyone to go to mr teppanyaki ONLY when every other single eatery outlet (including bakeries, kioks, roadside stall) in sunway pyramid is FULL.

strictly a eat-to-live.


mr teppanyaki
lot lg2.39
sunway pyramid (old wing)
no 3 jalan pjs 11/15, bandar sunway,
46150 petaling jaya.
(opposite ice rink and beside pizza hut)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


michelle said...

Yeah, I agree. I've been there once with my friends, and we haven't been back there since.

YilingL said...

michelle: yeah! never go back there unless all the eatery place in pyramid close down. hehehehe.

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