Friday, December 7, 2007

waroeng penyet

waroeng penyet

last sunday, jon, eiling and i went for indon food... its my first time (both indon food and waroeng penyet). its a relatively new place opened at the curve and if its not for the review of other floggers i wouldnt know that this part of the world where waroeng penyet is located exist! (i seldom take the connecting bridge from ikano to the curve)

we were immediately seated. crowd wasnt that huge on a sunday night but many non-malays faces were spotted patronizing this eatery place- signs of approval from the community :)

its a self service place where it functions like the hk-charchanteng style, except that after you tick the items that you want, you have to bring it to the cashier itself, pay the bill and he/she will take note of your orders from there. the workers there are all indonesians which further enhances the authencity of the place. the food... we'll taste first and comment later ;-)

these are what we ordered-

gado gado- rm5.90
mixed salad in peanut sauce

rawon- rm6.90
javanese beef soup

ayam penyet- rm7.90
flattened fried chicken (must try!!)

ayam panggang- rm7.90
grilled chicken

keropok- rm1.90

es milo dinosaur- rm3.90
(must try!!)

jus jeruk limau- rm3.50

es teh sosro- rm2.50
sweetened jasmine tea (must try!!)

taste wise, it is something different from our usual kfc/roadside nasi lemak fried chickens as penyet in malay means flattened. yes, the chicken is flattened before frying to make its flesh loosen from its bones for easy eating. there are also empal penyet (fried beef), bawal penyet (fried pomfret), udang penyet (fried prawns), lele penyet (fried catfish), bakso penyet (fried beef balls), wings penyet (fried chicken wings) and tahu, tempe & telor penyet (fried egg, tempe & taufoo).

besides penyet items, there are also grilled, soup and greenies items... and best thing is all of them are priced below rm10. so for about rm15, you'll get a yummylicious filled indon meal.

total bill for 3 pax- rm42.30
(no taxes yet!!)

i'll definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone! and i'll be back to savour the rest of the items in their menu... right now, im craving for the penyet items already!!

waroeng penyet
unit 132, 1st floor,
the curve.
(situated near the connecting bridge from ikano-the curve)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Oh cool, I've never tried authentic Indonesian cuisine. I have tried bakso though. It's like beef ball noodles, but their beef ball very "floury" one. That I got from one of those street vendors in one of the malay housing area near Kampung Pandan. I think quite authentic gua cause the vendor was just using a self built wooden cart.

mei yi said...

hey.. i was searching for some food stuff and came across your blog...
just wanna tell u that its nice. :)
keep it up, at least i know where to hunt for food when i'm mindless.. :)

wmw said...

Been meaning to try out the food here :o)

YilingL said...

calvin: yeah bakso is a famous cuising in indonesia. hope to try some good bakso soon.

mei yi: no problem ;-) keep coming back for more food reviews. and thanks!

wmw: yeah, do give it a try!

Jackson said...

hey, glad to see that local people actually like indonesia authentic food...
but can i recommend you another indonesian restaurant which i think you really should go... because i personally think that their ayam penyet, gado gado, and bakso kuah is much much better than waroeng penyet's one (price cheaper as well)... the place is called "ayam penyet ria" located opposite the one academy, across the road... if you know where the mcdonald is.. then along the same row, next block exactly, you will notice the big bridal centre,... its just next to the bridal centre *forgot the name sorry...
and there's another place called wong solo, east javanese authentic restaurant... somewhere in kampung baru they have very delicious ayam bakar and empal daging and ayam penyet too ...

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