Tuesday, January 1, 2008

d*lish @ bangsar village I

happy new year everyone!

back to clearing my backlogs which have now piled up in so many different folders... so many that i dont know which one to clear off first. haha.

ive always heard and read about this place called d*lish and im sure its not something new to many out there. but knowing me, i rarely wander around places like bangsar so during my 3 weeks work stint in bangsar village, i made sure i give this place a shot.

and so i did on my first day of work. and a couple of days after that as well.

the menu on an ol' school blackboard

with a red-white theme, d*lish is minimalist in deco, with most things identified from ikea. d*lish has also very quirky lines that forms the "guidelines" to getting your food. i did not take all steps from #1 to #7 but the above are visuals for you to understand what im saying.

their array of pretty cupcakes and brownie slices are hard to resist and will bound to tempt you back even after you step out of the place. i tried the chocolate raspberry brownie slice @rm6.80 (refer to above pic). despite the tempting outlook, it was nothing great to shout about...

chicken bacon spaghetti carbonara- rm13.80

orange/cranberry juice- rm4.80

portions for the pasta was big and certainly filling (maybe cos it was carbonara??). tastewise, it was rather ordinary, again nothing fancy or great to shout about. as for the 'violently squeezed' orange juice, i dont know about other people but i thought it tasted somewhat like the sunkist/peelfresh juices you get in the supermarkets.

p/s: it comes in a really small 300ml bottle.

bento box nasi ulam- rm15.80

one monday night, we couldnt decide what to eat and we just hit our target sales, so i just thought of rewarding myself a d*lish dinner (i'll post about what we have in most nights next time) ... i had the bento box nasi ulam.

although the food isnt that great (again), i like d*lish's concept of making takeaways so easy and no frills. their cutleries are really great and their takeaway package is so awesome (for eg. bento box) that it gives an entire new meaning to the term "ta pau".

pp/s: they give very nice paperbags for takeaway ;-)

g1a, ground floor,
bangsar village I,
jalan telawi 1, bangsar baru,
59100 kl.
tel: 03-2281770

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Jen said...

i reckon my fave cupcake out of all (tried a fair few adi. hehe) is the chocolate one with mini marshmallows on top! when they heat it up and chocolate melts and oozes all over the plate.. omg orgasmic!! XD

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks great the food at d'lish! Happy 2008, may great happenings this new year!

YilingL said...

jen: oooh is it... im not exactly a big fan of BIG cupcakes. i prefer brownies more. heh :)

big boys oven: looks great but taste normal lah. happy new year to you too, hope you guys will bake more tasty cakes!!

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