Friday, January 18, 2008

life and its fragility

life is fragile. we all know it, but it doesnt strike deep unless it happens to you or someone you know or even someone close.

this morning, i was walking to class with a friend whom ive known since my foundation days in inti. she started by asking me this question, "do you remember tian leng?"

i said, "yeah i remember him. one of the guys back in our semester one foundation year... the guy always with the cap and he left after a semester."

she proceeded to break the news. "he died", she said. i was as shocked as she was when she heard this news from another mutual friend who also left after a semester but somehow managed to keep in touch with one or two of us.

i dont really know tian leng personally. but i know him well enough to associate him as a classmate and a new friend then. my friend said she couldnt believe it herself, so she went and checked out his friendster profile and read what others wrote for him. there were messages asking how was he enjoying christmas up there, angels with him, rest in peace and all that.

i didnt want to believe either. i too decided to see for myself. and then it struck real hard that it is true, he is gone. after he left inti subang, he went to inti genting to pursue hospitality and from what i read through his gf's blog, he fell from the 3rd floor of his apartment. went into coma, needed dialysis, body was too acidic and all that and in the end the doctor pronounced him dead.

i cried reading the word by word account of the whole incident.

i know this may be late, not knowing when exactly all these happened... probably few months back. i know nothing will bring him back, he will just be a part of memories for everyone who knew him. but i suppose it is through personal experiences like this seeing someone you know going off at a time when he was supposed to be like one of us, enjoying life and all that... life is indeed fragile.

rest in peace.


i went for a visit to the orphanage for spastic and handicapped children + adults this morning. it was my first of such visits. it is heartbreaking to see the people there. some are able-bodied but they're orphans or abused kids. but most have not a slightest idea of the world out there. they can't move, they can't walk, they can't sit upright. they dont recognize words and they cant speak properly. some are even strapped to seats.

ive always know how lucky i was. to be born able-bodied, perfectly healthy, having family and friends, being educated etc. but i felt even luckier and blessed after witnessing how life can be so harsh and cruel to others.

we played with the kids there and fed them lunch. i fed this girl, meimei. i dont know how old she is but she must be at least 13 or so. she couldnt sit upright, her hands had to be covered with cloths because she bites her own hands, she only has 2 front teeth and so when i fed her she ate lying down by swallowing her food without chewing. she cant respond and dont know what we are talking but once in a while she claps her hands and smiles. that was very heartwarming.

when we were leaving, there was this boy... i supposed he has down syndrome. he just gave a hug to everyone leaving and i heard him say "take care" to ms koh, to which she replied, "you take care ok? be a good boy."

i nearly wanted to cry.

such is life. learn to be thankful, grateful and kind.

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Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Oh Dear... How sad. Gosh... what a harsh world huh? Well, the least we could do is help in whatever way we could, especially for charity.

It's really sweet of you to go and help Ms Koh with the visit.

Muahx! What a darling...

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