Friday, January 4, 2008

restoran nirvana maju

one very late night, we finished closing our booths at bout 11pm plus and we havent had dinner. so i think it was param or leon who suggested to have banana leaf rice at the famous nirvana maju... which is just about 5 mins walk from bangsar village.

i remember nirvana though ive never been there (actually it was my FIRST banana leaf experience! char kuew teow on banana leaf doesnt count!) through cassie (she was my lecturer-uber cool & open minded!) who always ask the class who wants to join her for banana leaf at nirvana bangsar. thats how the name got registered into my mind.

nirvana is always packed at any hour of the day. its as though people around there dont work, linger around bangsar village and eat at nirvana... ahhh such is life for the rich.

anyway, it was pretty fun... the banana leaf experience. definitely an eye opener for a n00b like me, at least now i know how the whole thing works!

you can opt for plain white rice or nasi briyani. i chose the latter. the basic package is rice, fried bittergourd (or was it cucumber??), vege and cucumber salad indian style on banana leaf. the fried bittergourd was SO AWESOME! now, i dont take bittergourd but after it was fried it was so good i wish i could ta pau home and have them as snacks!

p/s: yes calvin, bittergourd is nice... BUT only fried ones!

with nasi briyani

fried chicken & tandoori chicken

fried calamari

our table laid out with food!

mango lassi- rm5

it was indeed a treat for us to have such scrumptious dinner-supper... we felt so full and overjoyed after that. it wasnt cheap though, we paid an average of rm20 per person.

*vain pics you know you wanna see!*



*mr param!*


wouldnt mind returning for its fried bittergourd and fried calamari!!! yummzzz...

restoran nirvana maju
43, jalan telawi 3,
bangsar baru,
59100 kuala lumpur.
Tel: 03-22878445

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I sure miss this place. The max serving of rice that I can have here is 2. The fried bitter gourd is really nice hor dear? Hehe, glad you liked it. Next time I will try and cook bitter gourd to ensure it tastes good, so you'll eat. Hehe! Bittergourd is healthy ok, but if fried... Hmmmm...

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Btw, did you really use your hand to eat? It looks like you were posing only? :-P Usually I sure use spoon cause I don't like the curry smell that sticks to your hands. Even after washing multiple times, the smell will still be there.

YilingL said...

calvin: i miss this place now too... i wanna eat the fried bittergourd!!!1111

yes i really did use my hands! but cant master the real technique like param...

fried bittergourd.... *drools*

Anonymous said...

Nirvana's food is so plain,boring and the same the whole year! Why go here and waste your time and money?Place is so cramped and owner is so very rude and arrogant because of their location! Because of their attitude, they lost a good batch of their workers and that resulted they had to skip their breakfast dishes and they open after 10am for lunch onwards!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...this place is so unhygienic! we found an insect and the boss simple told us to ignore it and said its very normal!Good gracious of them! Hey Guys dont be fooled into these food! please go to another place like lorong Maarof and you get better food for cheaper value!

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