Sunday, January 20, 2008

restoran sri murni

one of the most patronized, famous, well known mamaks amongst youngsters and young adults besides william's (owned by the brother of murni) and steven's corner, and guess what... i havent been there. what a joke!

so yes, here goes another "first" of my visits to famous places like this where ALMOST everyone has been there before but me. now its my turn to laugh at you if you havent been there. hah!

so anyway, true to what people said... it's packed to the brim with people! its so famous that the mamak itself occupies a whole ground floor of the shoplot AND the five foot way from one end of the row of shops to the other end. i only managed to count till the 18th table at the sidewalks and that also it wasnt even half the line of tables. there's bout at least 35-40 tables along the kaki lima!

ribena longan nata de coco- rm5

lychee longan nata de coco- rm5

mango special longan nata de coco- rm5

now, whats so special about murni and william's is that the array of food they offer is not the same as your usual roti-canai-teh-tarik mamaks. these 2 places (especially) are famous for their non-mamak fares! you want chinese? check! western? check! indian? check! malay? check! ice blended? check! fusion? CHECK!!

see? mamak to a whole new definition. we had their special ice blended drinks. comes in big jars filled to the brim, ice blended fruit juices with generous amount of nata de cocos, longans and even honeydews in it at a reasonable pricetag. definitely puts a smile to your face :)

claypot loh she fun- rm5

claypot loh she fun. one of their specialties or so i heard. generous portion of noodles, minced meat and a perfect 1/2 boiled (sometimes 3/4) egg. the first thing you have to do is to poke the egg yolk. gives a sense of satisfaction guaranteed to put another smile on your face :) taste wise, it was ok but like i said portion is huge for a person...

nasi goreng chicken maryland

ok maybe i take back my words because the portion is BIGGER for this one! enough to feed some people 3 meals maybe. looks good for a mamak doesn't it?

spaghetti marinara

their pastas are at HUGE portions as well. looks pretty good too, eh?

i'd say you have to come here, see it to believe it. the place may look abit shabby (lack of light especially if you're seated at the kaki lima), but food presentation, taste and price wise, i'd give it a B+.

do i need to tell you why you should love Malaysia's ... food?


ive been crying everyday... life's just so sad... so many people dying... so many people with cancer... so many unjustifications in life...

... especially when im watching grey's anatomy. sorry, but i just caught the GA bug after hearing so many people talk about it years ago. i thought it was a comedy series, but ended up crying every single episode!

the weekend is coming to an end :(

restoran sri murni
jalan ss2/75,
47300 p.j,

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Michelle said...

Ooo...I really like William's ribena longan, but I haven't tried Murni's ribena longan nata de coco. Haha. Their roti hawaii's quite nice too.

Kah Yee said...

Damn, I miss that place! Used to love the lou she fun and the drinks too

YilingL said...

michelle: i gues they'd probably taste similar since by the name i guess the ingredients are the same? yeah i heard the roti hawaii quite unique and popular.

kahyee: muahaha somebody stuck in BP... :-p

rif the great said...

im living in sunway. i wish to come to sri murni. can you give me directions to go there from sunway.

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