Sunday, January 13, 2008

uncle lim's cafe

every monday i have 8-10am followed by 2-3pm class. FOUR HOURS BREAK!! grrrr...

last monday, the 8-10am class was really cold, boring and i was as usual hungry. all i could think of during the 2 hours lecture was, "gosh... wouldnt it be GREAT to have a bowl of piping hot curry laksa infront of me now..."

right after class was dismissed, i told my friends that im skipping the 1 hr class later. i need to go grocery shopping as i had planned to cook dinner that night (which was true! i cooked cereal prawns, kangkung belacan and herbal soup :D).

okok back to my food review. now, im really no big fan of uncle lim's. in fact, i think all these modern "kopitiams" are such rip offs... they just sell on the concept of "old school, nostalgic dining" but the food sucks and they're expensive! sorry, but i decided to be hypocritical for once. i went to uncle lim's and ordered the uncle lim's laksa.

uncle lim's laksa- rm7.90

at rm7.90 a bowl, its not cheap but worth the bowl size. sighs, whattodoo, rm7.90 for a bowl of piping hot curry laksa in front of me... nvm, worth it if it satisfies my sudden cravings. the laksa came in a very attractive, appealing color and handful of onions and cucumber shreds.

p/s: they didnt gimme discount although i am a LIM as well :(

there were generous portions of sardine fish and the onion, cucumber, pineapple shreds was a delight to munch on. the broth was okay, not fantastic but okay in my book of standards. to be frank, im not much of a fan of curry laksa either. i always fear the broth might spill on my shirt (which it did!!) and there's just too much curry oil and it freaks me out (/pretends to be health conscious).

i didnt order their coffee as ive tried it once and it was terrible! nothing like the AUTHENTIC ipoh coffee i had for 14 years...

uncle lim's cafe
lot g27g 1&2, ground floor,
subang parade.
(near entrance, opposite giordano)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]

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