Sunday, March 23, 2008

monday blues

this morning i went to kl with another friend to get our medical checkup done and receive our employment offer letter. while i agree that working in kl may be an interesting thing but journeys there are putting me off- jam, jam, jam, packed like sardines in LRT (repeat cycle).

anyway, security is pretty tight in the menara public bank itself. polices are the receptionist and there are polices everywhere! upon reaching the 11th floor (HR), we met the receptionist (real one, not police) and was handed a sealed letter each which directed us to menara ambank to do our medical checkup. while we were walking, i realized maybe working in kl is not that bad after all... at least i'll get to learn the whats and wheres in the city (for e.g. australian high commission is just behind public bank- not that it was anything big but i'll soon find my way to skybar, lunabar, heritage row etc soon!).

for my essence of pee

reached the clinic which was packed with people of sorts. i managed to peek the file drawers and saw that the clinic is the panel clinic for public bank, ambank, australian high commission, citibank etc. the docs must be earning super big $$$. it was a very long wait eventhough procedures takes about just 5 mins each (x-ray, urine test, eye test, breast test!!, the normal checks etc). and the x-ray doc was really fierce! u know those eye test, where you have to close an eye and read the letters? and you know how our eyes need some time to adjust before vision becomes clear? well i closed my eye and needed some time to adjust to the lightings but before i was able to say what letter it was, she already pointed to another letter! i was like wtf im gonna get zero for the test!!!

but i passed anyway, cos i wear glasses one mah.

finally got our medical reports and walked back to public bank.

proceeded back to 11th floor and met up with the HR exec that interviewed and corresponded with me. she led me to a meeting room, offered me my offer letter and explained the details in it. to summarize things up, i commence on the 28th April 2008 as a Graduate Trainee attached to Group, Financial & Treasury Accounting of Finance Division with a very exciting entry salary and employee benefits.

I will be at the 26th floor and I found out that the Chairman, CEO, GM and the bigshots are at 33rd floor. Hmmm... must now think of some excuses to go to the 33rd floor...

tag'ed by Khian.

Random fact #1: I am zoophobic too.

Random fact #2: I am a terrible friend at keeping in touch! Really... I usually do the silent KITs (like checking out where each and everyone is through friendster when they are just online/phone call/sms away... sorry) but there are times when I do try my best to KIT only to have the opposite reaction hitting back at me, so I give up loh.

Random fact #3: My phone habits- I don't like to talk on the phone for long. I feel awkward during those 3 secs long pause. I like to receive sms but I don't usually like replying them (sorry!). I am annoyed at voicemails, hate to be talking to myself. I usually off my phone early and keep it far away from where I sleep and I am annoyed at people who keep their phones on when they sleep (*coughmysisterscough*) grrrr.

Random fact #4: When I have nothing to do, I check my email. AGAIN. and AGAIN. and AGAIN.

Random fact #5: My head feels itchy especially when I'm stressed. Going to lose hair with finals coming soon...

Random fact #6: I like to spend my day away watching YouTube.

Random fact #7: When I am not doing anything besides checking my email, I am checking out people's nicknames, PMs and display pics on MSN.

Random fact #8: I like 'chap fan' stalls. Feels like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Heehee.

Random fact #9: Excessive narcissistic people drives me crazy~~!!!! Not the joking type, the REAL narcissists. I wish I can ask them to STFU.


i was playing with my phone yesterday and realized i wasnt doing any justification for owning such a canggih phone yet the only functions i ever use are calling/sms/camera. so i randomly tried to check out the connections and all... and found myself accessing YouTube and Hotmail on my phone!!!!!1111 then checked out the GPS navigation thingy (still dunno how to operate though) and bloody checkingouts costed me more than rm5 of my credit! @#$%*&!!! vowed not to simply checkout stuff again.

dunno why, suddenly i feel so cheapskate.


been sick. 'nuff said.


Splendiferous said...

I'm spamming everybody's page hehe..

Seriously thought you gonna show the sequential pic for "for my essence of pee" there. Phew~ Lucky thing you didn't forget it's a food blog!

I used to explore a friend's N95 too (coz Bio lectures boring sial) and he called me a jakun! Too complicating for me..Haha anyway Happy Working again! =) *sniff sniff* So proud of you..*sniff sniff* don't forget to belanja all of us..*sneeze*

khian said...

my head's get itchy too, whenever I am stressed out. Lol, and I thought I was weird.
Man, working already, deng deng! so next time I come look for you, lunch, dinner all on you..and no, I don't want chap fan..

Kah Yee said...

Haha...that's the price to pay for technology, girl. Btw, can you take age into consideration and put me first in your 'belanja-ing to do' queue? :P

Hah! You bad at KIT? Where does that leave me then?? Lol

YilingL said...

dahines: haha of cos i wont post my pee up! nvm i also still very jakun with my n95. u come back i sure belanja u wan... i book a mamak place for 1 day 1 night and free flow of roti canai teh tarik for u k!! hahaha :-p

khian: ok im not alone in this itchy head thing after all! dunwan chap fan? hey beggers cant be choosers!! okla invite u to my roti canai party also la.

kahyee: yeahloh, the more it deters me to use that technology la. ok let u be the first guest on my roti canai party guestlist k? hahahaha...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mind me exciting is their entry salary haha?

well have fun in the working world..!

YilingL said...

joe: very exciting indeed! 2.8k for fresh grad.

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