Thursday, March 13, 2008

politics: slap-a-politician day

the recent change of events in the country has been on a lightspeed mode. just 2 secs after reading a piece of the latest news from malaysia-today, another latest than the latest news was uploaded. either people are too free or there are just too much news we are deprived from the mainstream media (MSM).

well, don't get me wrong. i may not be a political expert but i hope everyone doesn't just take and believe things at face value esp. news coming from the MSM (eg. the star, nst, utusan, rtm) which if you hadn't already know, are owned by the government and only serve to promulgate biased news.

while it was good when it lasted (the 12th GE results), the recent dispute over who gets to be MB/CM by the 3 governing (then: opposition) parties in Perak is like pulling the trigger over own's head after succeeded in killing the enemies in the battlefield. the coalition is pretty much on its way to be booted out of the football match which has just started if it continues behaving like that.

so in conjunction with all these hoo-hah, i hereby declare today (and anyday you think they need a slap) the 'Slap-a-Politician Day' because you and i know we are very fed up, feel like slapping them but can't do it in real life (also, that's what blogs are for).


i wish slapping helps to wake you up from your 4 years deeeeeeeep sleep. but i suppose it wont cos you dont want to despite millions of slaps from the rakyat who have had enough of all this bullshit from you and your cronies. *sighs* sometimes i dunno you are memang bodoh or buat bodoh. also stop your racial card game.

kami, rakyat "pantang dicabar!!!" grrrrrr... why our PM liddat one?????????

2. Menantu PM
i suppose you top the list of everyone else as well. the MSM have been very very kind to you, but maybe you should start reading what's been said about you in the internet world. nobody likes you, nobody wants you to be around the political scene. and in reality, people stuck to you because of your PM-menantu relations. i suppose we dont have to tell you, you already know, daddy-in-law's going down soon enough before you can spell R-E-M-B-A-U. you are nobody without him, and if we can make him somebody, we can make him a nobody as well. and don't think we are not aware of that vote-rigging incident, from -141 to 5000+ majority. we know of your intentions to be the PM by 40 but you may as well be like your daddy-in-law... dream on!

3. Mr MCA Jr.
can you bloody stop playing the racial cards!! stop issuing statements every other two days accusing the Barisan Rakyat coalition of cheating etc when you very well know who is the BIGGEST cheater of the entire nation. you may be the MCA big brother's little bro but if we can get you in, we can most certainly get you out! and don't think we don't know any of your intention to rise from a loser to MCA Big Brother. we are watching......

4. Mr MIC
haven't had enough amassing millions and billions of fortune throughout the 30 years you were around? our roads are still laden with potholes killing motorists every single day while you sit up there pressing your calculator thinking to yourself, "hmmm... how much toll fees should i increase this year??" not only you were 'semi-value', you are also 'no-value' now. so just do us all a favour and get the hell out of the political scene while still making statements that "The Indians are behind MIC".

*sighs* wake up la dei.....

5. Mr DAP Sr.
i wish he wasn't in my list but his *newsbreaking* 3 paragraphs statement published in his blog yesterday shocked you, me and everyone else who gave them our mandate only to be slapped back with a statement like that. with all due respect, on most days i have the utmost highest respect for this man who at 67 still have so much passion and fire in him, providing the voice to be the 'check-and-balance' in parliament, upholding the rights and correcting the wrongs. at times, i am proud to even say we may be related (the same surname factor, hehe) but just not this time.

it has been said that the election was a political tsunami but the post-elections is like the aftermath- deadlier and disease ridden. winning Perak was only the beginning, developing and managing it is the more difficult part, so why the dispute? kalau nak gaduh pun, tutuplah pintu dan gaduh... not only the BN flers will take the opportunity to make a mountain out of a molehill (through MSM) but also compel the common folks who obtain info through MSM into thinking "Gosh, did we vote for the right people?"


Which politician would you like to slap today?


Splendiferous said...

Can I slap more than one? Hehe!

Except for MrDapSr. I actually think he did the right thing. Opposition parties, upon campaigning, promised everything in behalf of their party. Not what they'll do together with other opposition parties. And PAS only won 5 seats in Perak, I think. So it's pretty disillusioning to give them the MB post. And the chaos, is probably better settled now than later.

He only gained my respect for the firm standpoints ;) So when you're slapping him, don't be too ganas ah! Lol.

YilingL said...

dahines: yes, but the thing is in the first place they all agreed whoever the MB is from whichever party, everyone will support. but anyway, sometimes i dunno whether its just sandiwara or what...

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