Tuesday, April 1, 2008

pork noodles @ greentown ipoh

twas a good balik kampung trip as my craving #1 has been satisfied :)
kahyee, i don't know what time you went on sunday cos i also went on sunday morning and the pork noodle stall was open.

anyway, i blogged about this place before... last CNY, i went and the pork noodle shop wasn't open and all we had was some below par overpriced dim sum.

as usual, my sis and i MUST HAVES here... the gingko barley which was teh awesome!

chee cheong fun in mushroom sauce-rm2

while we were anxiously waiting for our bowl of pork goodies to arrive, my sis ordered the chee cheong fun in mushroom sauce to fill the emptiness of our stomachs. i'm not a really big fan of chee chong fun (except the HK style/dimsum CCF-yumm!) but when it arrived on our table we just sapu'ed everything clean, not a single thing left. and we can't understand how kl people like their CCF slathered with curry (!!!!) or those sweet sauce and cold 'char lius' (fried stuff which have left cold). omg.

the pork noodles can be quite a wait as it is cooked bowl by bowl, instead of the usual 2/3/4 bowls cooked together and then divided. to know how long you have to wait, just look at the bowls being stacked up at the stall :)

pork noodles- rm4.50

and then the moment we've been waiting for... a spoon of the soup sent us straight to heaven. it felt like yesterday once more, when we would patiently wait for this bowl of goodilicous yummy godsent heavenly [insert more awesome adjectives] pork noodles sometimes for more than an hour and still feel the wait was worthwhile. it still feels the same, it was WORTHWHILE.

the bowl of noodles was laden with intestines, 'juk sang' (spongy thingy), pork livers, minced pork patties, pork slices and the soup was just so flavorful. the minced pork patties is very flavorful as well, i wonder how they marinated it.

and thus, i returned to kl as a VERY happy and satisfied person...

pusat makanan sun hor lok
persiaran greenhill,
30450 ipoh.
(opposite gold vision cake house)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


EILING said...

It's RM4.50 la now doink. You are not paying that's why!

ziling said...

Yeah lah Doink! Stupid! Useless! Mou Kwai Yong!! Buahahaha


YilingL said...

eiling & ziling: sorry la! i tot i saw mom paid rm27 for 8 bowls??!

Kah Yee said...

Huh??? I went at around 8.30 lar...very late meh?? I'm not a big fan of pork, but since you so bising about it, I decided to try. Mana tau...tarak bukak...sobz!

Jen said...

whoa the pork noodles looks damn good wei *slurps*

YilingL said...

kahyee: eh is it?? i think i was there at bout that time also??? u sure u went to the right place ah? nevermind try again next time!! :-p

jen: come let's go ipoh!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Wah pork noodle with "chuk sang". That's interesting. Looks really good. I love my pork noodles with vermicelli + "mouse noodles". I really gotta head down to ipoh this summer. Hmm... maybe the group can plan a trip down to ipoh. Jen, count you in ok?

YilingL said...

calvin: ok i become food guide. let's go!

Anonymous said...

Another place that serves similar pork noodles is Cong Yin in Ipoh Garden South. Also very popular.

Incidentally, in the Wat Tan Hor in Sun Hor Lok is also good (in case the pork noodles not open)

YilingL said...

Yeah people keep telling me this is not the best yet. I've never seen any wat tan hor stall??

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