Sunday, May 25, 2008

bacardi razz and all that jazz

love it!

had my first taste of a 'social' event last friday night (to celebrate being an unemployed now). my sister, the seasonal party goer, clubber, event-launching-and-she'll-be-there, asked me if i wanted to join her for the bacardi razz launching at bar celona @sunway pyramid and i jumped at the opportunity after this conversation:

me: will there be free flow of booze?
she: yes.
me: okay! let's go!

pulled calvin along to be the driver & photographer hehe and (p/s- so that my sis and i can drink, drink and drink without having to worry about driving home later hehe).

it was an awesome night! bacardi razz was very nice... easy to drink (not on the rocks though), taste more like a fruity drink after mixing with either tonic/sprite, love the raspberry they put into the drinks too. my sister's friend (amy) is working for bacardi and she provided us with free flow of bacardi razz and expensive raspberries which we just conveniently popped into our mouths.

to cut the long story short, without having to pay a single cent (exept for valet parking), we had free flow of booze, tonnes of raspberries, loud music, many camwhore photos and an iPod! hee!

trying to be every bit of socialite that we clearly are not

can we take these home???

lucky lucky girl! she won an iPod in a lucky draw!

calvin: hmmm... why is she taking my picture?

a very happy us with amy (thanks amy for the invites!)

bar celona

sunway pyramid (new wing)
tel: 03-56218858


Lydia said...

Yiling! You and Eiling look really alike! Which isn't a bad thing because it means both also gorgeous okay. haha. is she slightly taller though? and please dont keep me in suspense about the good news! haha

KY said...

oOo banyak happening!

YilingL said...

suetmei: well, u and ur sis also look alike what!! yeah eiling is taller than me. hehe thank you thank you. good news will be revealed... maybe end of the week la. hehe. stay tune!

ky: dunwan fren u. heard u guys going food tasting. ape ni tak ajak!!

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