Sunday, May 11, 2008

marco's pizza

marco's pizza

marco's pizza needs no introduction i believe. so to skip the long dinner short, here are what my friend and i had for our dinner last wednesday.

wild mushroom soup- rm6.80

unlike your usual campbell's-pizza hut kind of mushroom soup, marco's has its mushrooms all blended in and i love it! i also like mama chops papa grill mushroom soup. yumm!

four seasons (chef's choices)- rm24.80 (large)

for our mains, i chose the four seasons where there are four choices of toppings in one pizza. however, the toppings are fixed which are:

beef pepperoni & capsicum

turkey ham and pineapple

dory fish & pineapple

artichoke & olives

we didn't eat the artichoke flavour as it doesn't taste good. what are artichokes? it looks and taste a little like the chinese 'ham choi', all i know is its also some 'atasan' kinda food... don't like the taste though.

marco's supreme
smoked beef pepperoni, beef salami, shredded turkey ham, capsicum & wild mushrooms with onions and black olives

marco's is now having a BUY 1 LARGE, GET 1 REGULAR FREE promotion, so the marco's supreme was free and i had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner the next day... *burps*

# sorry for the lack of updates for days... got no time and guess who went for the 2days of freedom festival @admiral marina, port dickson straight after work on friday? will blog about it soon!

marco's pizza

no. 81-85, jalan 25/2,
taman bukit emas, 47301 pj.
(opposite kelana jaya lrt station)
tel: 03-78035000

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


nuraainaa said...

hi yiling.. :)

i'm not sure whether u know me or not..but nvm. i'm in the same batch as jill, so we did have a few classes together..

anyway, nice work on the food blog..


new building is canggih. hahaha.

YilingL said...

nuraainaa: herro! of cos i remember you, you-jill-janice, always groupmates right! thankies, do come and visit more often for more food updates, sorry if not halal ya?

yeah lucky u guys get to use new building! i contributed at least a window pane ok! enjoy ur last sem :)

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