Thursday, May 1, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

#1- public holidays! oh how i heart and long for this labour's day to come... i was literally counting the secs for the clock to strike 5.45pm in office yesterday!

#2- a jug of sangria pleaseeeeee. yummz!

#3- internet! can u believe that i, of all people who used to online at least 12 hrs a day, am deprived of internet in office? my company krazy one! (nolah actually being in the banking industry, security is superduper tight, we even have to tag in/out of the foodcourt! but still quite krazy right!)

#5- $money$! why can't $$ drop from sky or grow on trees????

#4- my newly acquired raoul cufflink shirt & skirt (rm80 each), guess watch & heels (rm169&rm75), la senza lingerie (rm85)- 4 days worth of salary spent in an afternoon. yes, the FJ Benjamin sales @BVII! actually most of the things still very pricey la but takkan walk out emptyhanded after waiting for so long meh... and special vip preview passes for friends&family only ok!

okla since i am very lazy to blog about food today, here are some snapshots of the sales for the benefit of those never been part of this krazy thing women like to do- warehouse sales shopping!!

vip passes!

the whole of kl's women are here!
(p/s: labour's day= perfect day for warehouse sales!)

a small corner that stood the maids looking after babies in prams...

krazy one this woman. the guess bags were seriously UGLY and yet she bought so many! if u can count the number of guess bags in the picture, i give you 10sen. i think she will resell them either in flea markets or online boutiques...

every woman's favourite red sign. omg panties so cheap but all also g-strings and thongs :(


i finally know how it feels like to get ONE public holiday out of the 365 working days. super happy feeling k! i think this is the 1st time i'm truly celebrating the holiday dedicated to us labours and find it particularly meaningful. i celebrated it with a bunch of still-studying friends in italiannies-baskinrobbins-laundry till 2am something! heehee!

oh, i had my inaugural team meeting yesterday and received a few assignments from my boss. i think it is gonna be very challenging as whatever she asked me to do i have no idea what she is talking about! just further proves the point that whatever you learn in college is not applicable to hands-on real work! other than that, well i've also been assigned to assist another colleague in preparing financial this&that for the islamic banking *yawns* actually i'm quite looking forward to learning and doing real work.

happy labour's day, we know we deserve today :)

p/s: i won the consolation prize of the malaysiandreamgirl blog write up! rm100 credit to go shopping!! :-D


Michelle Lee said...

I wanted to go for the FJ benjamin sale so much!!! But so susah to get to Bangsar from here :( Some stuff looked quite cheap!! And yeahlah, that woman gila one. Haha.

michelle lee said...

Oh yeah, how was Redang?

YilingL said...

michelle lee: eh i tot u got car edi? can go la right?? aiyah actually to be frank really la the sales wasnt that much of a sales since we're all not very rich ppl cos an item at least also rm80 above... and the guess bags are omg so ugly!!!!!! raoul bags are nice but super expensive even after disc. crazy one!

michelle lee said...

I did go today! Hahahaa. Compared to your pictures on the first day of the sales, a lot less stuff available already. Only like 2 kinds of Guess bags left and no more small sizes!! And there were NO MORE raoul bags!!! The watches were pretty cheap though. But yeah, the rich ones like just take EVERYTHING of that size in different colours, etc. Haha. I think they slashed some of the prices. Cos the Guess bags today were RM50-80. Either that, or only the cheaper ones are left.

YilingL said...

michelle lee: eh is it? guess what, i'm going again tomorrow! hopefully raoul shirts will be cheaper again!!

michelle lee said...

oooo!! hahaha. Have fun!! I think the La Senza part was the best. So cheap! And I so regretted putting down that pair of Gap shorts. For a while only!!! I turned back and it was gooooooonnneee. :( But yeah, if only I needed work formal clothes, I'd buy those from Raoul. Those looked awesome.

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