Sunday, June 15, 2008

its a ...

#1 ... sunny day sunday.


#2 feeling as blahhhhh as everrrrr.


#3 still no job, feeling useless and a little out of faith. waiting is the hardest patience game.


#4 had a hearty breakfast, can't be bothered to do anything. in other words, weekends make me a lazyass. and no work makes me a lazyass as well (read #3).


#5 watched Ocean's Eleven and V for Vendetta for the first time yesterday (shuddup, watching blockbuster movies a few years behind all the craze and hype is my way of getting hyped and crazed). both movies were teh awesome! my favs now :-) vi vish vi van valk vike V.

watched Escape from Huang Shi (starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Chow Yun Fatt, though Michelle Yeoh's character is abit no point). omg. bloody good movie. made me cry so badly at the end. bloody good history lesson, the japs during jap occupation are monsters!

watched Kung Fu Panda. kiuttt but panda's father is NOT a panda wtf? but i like the part where panda's not-a-panda father reveals 'the secret ingredient is...' wanna know? go watch yourself!


#6 facebook was fun the first 2 weeks. now it's just log in--> ignore applications--> log out FULL STOP


#7 wake up to every morning, same shit happening to our country just different mornings and different people spilling the shit. i'm convinced the sons of our bekas PMs (actually i think it's ingenius that 'PM' is the abbreviation for Perdana Menteri & Prime Minister, kills 2 birds with a stone!) are such dckheads who deserve to have their dcks at their heads and heads at their dcks.

one who goes to london with dear wifey and an entire entourage at the expense of our poor taxpayers who have to pay RM2.70 petrol/liter to officiate (in layman's term- cut ribbons) of a malaysian restaurant (wow yay malaysia boleh!) and another who barks at the PR-led states. oh i forgot, they're both cousins.

am i angry? what are you talking about? I'M ALWAYS ANGRY.


#8 mom is coming back today, about another 2hrs countdown after 2 months away. i hope the neighbors dont report anything bad about us (eg. plants died cos your daughters didnt water them, car died cos your daughters didnt start it, cat became depressed cos your daughters closed all the windows and thus deterring them from jumping into the house and peeing everywhere (we hate cats and all kinds of animals) etc. oh there is always a latio, perdana, and city parked at your house, did you buy new cars? shit, confirm die. no we didn't buy new cars.

yay to no more having to do housework! sighs to mom's nagging.


#9 i skipped Eason's concert yesterday night :-( got noone as great a fan as me to go with. the only person i know who loves Eason as much as I do had a VVIP ticket. lucky bugger.

i should be going Beauty and the Beast if i have the $money$ and company. you are welcome to contribute either one ;-)


#10 its a sunday! happy father's day. thanks dad. and my bunny /hmph emoticon is cute okay!

happy weekend people, and petrol price is still RM2.70 per liter this week, next week, following weeks. not too sure if it will stay long enough cos our PM likes to play bluff wan.


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Awww dear, don't feel so down... I am sure Monday will be better! I pray that you will receive good news. Hugz!

-eiling- said... is back means she'll be nagging you about employment everyday!! ngek ngek ngek

ziling said...

Yeah... she'll say the same things she said to me after my 2nd day of my final exam:


And that was how I got pressured n ended up in this company. Sigh.

YilingL said...

calvin: monday wasn't better. it was worst.

eiling: well u know the story.

ziling: u know the story too.

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