Sunday, June 29, 2008

Middle Eastern Fare @ Tarbush

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middle eastern fare @ tarbush

tarbush, a name that needs no further introduction for middle eastern cuisines. my first time having middle eastern cuisine to be honest and i found the whole experience an eye-tongue opener.

prior to this, i had the impression that middle eastern fares are nothing but kebabs, olives, kebabs and more olives. but tarbush made me realized that there is more to this than kebabs and olives.

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mutabal- rm12
grilled eggplant dip made creamy with tahina sauce with generously drenched in olive oil

very interesting appetizer indeed. to start off it arrived looking nothing like the 'grilled egplant' in the description. it was really blended to a fine creamy dip that goes well with warm pita bread. the secret to eat this is NOT to spread the dip in the pita bread but just fold the thin and fluffy bread and dip it like you're dipping nachos in salsa sauce.

the pita bread is highly recommended as i believe it is baked fresh... yumz!

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ox-tail soup- rm9
aromatic creamy soup

the oxtail soup is recommended as well. it arrived in a classy deep square white bowl. servings may look small but it is enough to keep your tongue on a standby mode for more goodies to come. the soup is creamy and very flavourful, just what anyone needs after a hard day at work.

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tarbush mixed grill- rm35
a mouth-watering medley of lamb chop, shish tawook, shish kebab, and lamb cubes

if you're as clueless as we were when it comes to mains, the tarbush mixed grill comes highly recommended by us. it offers a little bit of everything and because it is so good we shall even call it 'the best of everything'. meat were grilled to perfection, flavourful yet tenderness and juiciness of the meat were maintained. perfect for sharing and unleashing the carnivore in you!

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arabic tea pot- rm7

we had earlier wanted plain water but all they have is mineral water which we have a strict policy of not paying so much for a bottle of mineral water. hence, we asked for recommendations from the waiter and he recommended the arabic tea. it carries a minty taste (i like mint ice creams but not in my tea) and we were alittle skeptical at first. all doubts vanished after we had our first sip. it was great and definitely helped to wash the aftertaste and improves digestion yada yada yada. p/s: refillable too :-)

give tarbush a try if you're looking for something exotic yet tried and tasted to be delicious ;-)

LL2. 123 sunway pyramid @ marrakesh
tel: 03-56339222

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Jason said...

I kind alike the Middle Eastern style of salad. and chickpea mash!

YilingL said...

jason: so far i enjoy middle eastern fares too! pretty unique and a change once in awhile.

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