Monday, June 23, 2008

this is an update


#1 After exactly a month out of job, i finally found one. actually there were two, one deals with ice cream and the other which i call it the 4 great deadly sins- liquor, chocolates, perfume, tobacco. i like ;-) i chose the latter. more on the job maybe end of the week, but for now i'm liking the sounds of gucci, versace, ck, chanel in the meeting agenda...

#2 My car runs on rm2.70 petrol/liter for the first time and my heart nearly bled. actually it did bleed after i pumped my sister's thirsty waja- 120bucks omgwtfbbq! she tricked me into exchanging cars with her while i was unemployed!! and i have to drive 80km everyday in the name of 'cari makan/rezeki/ricebowl'. le sighhhh.

#3 RPK, with all due highest respects for you! we malaysians are forever-everly in debt by your courage and bravery to speak out! dunno whats happening??? itulah sebab tak banyak membaca. click here to read breaking news!

#4 Need to sleep. sekian.


The Sadist said...

Hey kiddo...congrats with the new job. Sounds all glamourous and Oh well, I can look forward to discounts, and I mean REAL knockoffs!! :D

YilingL said...

kahyee: thanks! haha it has been pretty interesting i must say! learnt alot bout the trade and what consumers dunno what happens behind- all the negotiations etc! i on the other hand is anticipating for the freebies bwahahaha..

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