Monday, July 14, 2008

Oversea Restaurant @ Jaya One

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oversea restaurant @ jaya one (the entrance direct from carpark)

it was meant to be a family dinner after my convocation 2 saturdays ago. jon had booked a table for the five of us and him (*stamps of approval* from dad). he also did the ordering of the dishes and i must say it was indeed a very filling and satisfying one! before the dinner, we went to the photo studio to have our family portraits taken and modelling for the camera is no easy feat! clearly not born models hahaha...

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mixed roast platter (medium)- rm40
the 3 heavenly obligatory roasted pork belly, roasted duck and char siew

first up on the table was the mixed roast platter consisting of 3 legendary roasted meat in the chinese cuisine history- roasted duck, char siew and siew yoke. very delish indeed. first thumbs up!

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salted fish toufu- rm30 or so

very flavorful toufu dish this is. the salted fish is what gives the whole claypot of goodness a 5 star rating as well. recommended!

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two-style suckling pig- about rm230 or so

star of the night. champion. the reason we're here for the dinner. jon's recommendation of this suckling pig receives a full 5 stars and 10 thumbs up (we'll love to give more if we had more thumbs actually) from us all. unlike the usual accompaniment of man tou or crepe, oversea's version is half with rispy chinese vege pancake sandwiched between a slice of crispy suckling pig skin and mantou. the other half has glutinous rice underneath those delicious crispy skin.

not cheap but definitely satisfying and keeps you wanting for more!

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yam fried rice- rm30 or so

not your conventional fried rice, this yam version has bits of yam cubes in it which makes the rice more fragrant and scooping for more after the first! the salted egg yolk adds on to the interesting flavour and colour of something as ordinary and plain as fried rice.

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stir fried kai lan- rm20 or so

and a plate of greens to balance and complete the meal. if a chinese restaurant/daichow can't whip up a simple wok-hei-ful plate of greens, then it'd better think twice bout cooking other dishes. oversea restaurant passed with flying colors for this plate of greens!

parking is a breeze as they're parking lots in jaya one and on saturdays parking is free! the more reasons to eat out at jaya one!

overseas restaurant
@ jaya one
tel: 03-79569911
business hours: 11.30-2.30pm & 5.30-10.30pm

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


The Sadist said...

Wow...quite a feast! Congrats on your convo. So proud of you...= ) I wanna see pics, ok!! :D

YilingL said...

kahyee: thanks! so many pics and i so lazy... hehe but i will write about it when i have time!

Anonymous said...

The mixed roast platter sure looks yummylicious!

ziling said...

Oi parking is free on SATURDAYS lah dungu!

YilingL said...

calvin: it was yummy.

ziling: oi! okla i change la.

-eiling- said...

wah so sedap. hehe jon so dai sek

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