Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Familiar Faces Nyonya Food and Noodle House

Since Yiling is all busy working past midnight at her company's latest duty free outlet in the newly renovated Kota Kinabalu International Airport, I shall help her update her blog.

I know how Yiling loves her "paku pakis" so much, so I decided to bring her to a Nyonya restaurant located near my house in Sri Petaling because I know they serve "Paku Pakis". I was first introduced to "Paku Pakis" at the My Elephant Thai restaurant @ Seksyen 17, PJ by Yiling and I absolutely like it but not love it like Yiling :-p.

This restaurant is located at Sri Petaling's most famous food street, Jalan Radin Anum 1. Ho Ho steamboat is also located around the corner along this street.

So for our first visit here, we ordered the following...

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"Lo Hon Kor" @ RM2 per cup to quench our thirsts.
Had a couple pieces of dried longan, strong "Lo Hon Kor" taste and not too sweet.

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Nyonya Style fried Paku Pakis @ RM10 - The reason why we're here!

Yiling says there is a good hint of coconut in this dish. She gave this dish a thumbs up and comparable to My Elephant's version. I think this one's better! The sambal belacan sauce for the vege is very nice and goes really well with rice. I could just eat this dish and rice alone!

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Fried Chicken Chop in Mango Sauce @ RM12
Nothing spectacular... Mango was a little too dry and not sour. But tastes good nonetheless.

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Thai Style House Tofu @ RM10

This dish is worth praising because the crust is very unique, it's like the chinese dim sum "wu kok"/yam pastry. The batter must have been a secret blend cause you don't always see such crust. The tofu is actually a mix of fish paste and tofu like many other restaurant's "house specialty tofu". But this has a stronger fish paste texture than tofu texture. We both enjoyed this dish.

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Overall we had a good first time experience at this restaurant. I am sure we will visit this place again some time in the future.

Btw, steamed rice was free flow... :-)

Another entry, brought to you by calvin.g Hope all you Yiling fans wont mind! Cheers!

Familiar Faces Nyonya Food and Noodle House
Nyonya Food & Noodle House
Jln Radin Anum 1, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


jason said...

The paku pakis looks really delectable. I prefer beancurd with egg rather than fish paste though. :)

YilingL said...

jason: the paku pakis was yum! i like all types of beancurds hehe.

-eiling- said...

I also love paku pakis. Lucky we had that in KK!!!

Jen said...

never tried before. someone faster bring me go eat before i get any more jakun! >__<

YilingL said...

eiling: was that the same kind of paku pakis? iryna said it was 'sabah shu chai choi' dunno if its the same type? but yumz nonetheless. too bad we didn't take photos, too shy :(

jen: got address, got shop visual, ask your lelaki to bring u there la. i can be there if you invite me and want an extra tiang lampu :p

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