Friday, October 3, 2008

European fare @ TJ Haus

How was your Raya holidays? I was told that Malaysia has the most number of holidays in the world (I don't mind hehe). True to Malaysian tradition, everything in work has been put off until "after Raya". That's the most commonly used excuse for the month!

"Eh, when want to deliver the goods?"
"After Raya lah..."

"Eh, when want to discuss this new project?"
"After Raya lah..."

"Eh, the invoice when can give me ah?"
"After Raya lah..."

"Eh, when wanna makan, take bath, drink water?"
"After Raya lah..."

Gawd, don't we all love this country and its people? Procrastination IS our forte :D

What better way to celebrate this joyous occasion with our Muslim brethren than to have a good meal? On Tuesday afternoon, Kenneth messaged me asking if I will be interested to have dinner with him, a few other mates we know and Mr Alex, their lecturer. I was tasked to find a good place for dinner, so as usual lah I'll do my 'research' online... and I found this "hidden gem" in the familiar neighborhood of Subang Jaya: TJ Haus @ SS18

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Crispy duck (German style)- RM23
Grilled 1/2 duck to perfection with brown orange sauce, served with red cabbage and boiled potatoes, "chef's recommendation"!

Crispy duck, German style? Interesting... While I have had Pork Knuckles, German style before, this is something I have never tried. Listed under the poultry section, the crispy duck is done almost the same way as crispy skin chicken with pinkish crackers in those typical Chinese weddings. The only difference perhaps is, it is duck and the meat is much more tender and very flossy-like. The skin is crispy with a perfect golden brown tan, earning a high 8/10 rating from me. The only downside to the meal is the pairing of red cabbage as a side. The red cabbage salad had a strong sourish taste to it, I suspect there were hints of pickles with it. The boiled potatoes balanced my disliking for the vege as I love anything and everything potato!

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Cordon bleu chicken- RM23
With seafood and cheese stuffings, curried cream sauce, served with butter rice and vegetable, "chef's recommendation"!

Our friend, Ivan had the Cordon Bleu Chicken which I found to be interesting. I have never seen any CB Chicken done in this style- with curried cream sauce and butter rice. From the picture, it looks more like a nasi campur meal eh.

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Pasta a la carbonara- RM17.50
Spaghetti with beef bacon and mushroom in rich creamy sauce

QFung had the Pasta a la carbonara. Again, from presentation the pasta didn't look all too creamy and loaded with button mushrooms with bits of beef bacon. A pasta that is too creamy, a pizza that is too cheesy, or a bar of chocolate that is too milky is something we Asians are still finding hard to swallow. However, seeing that QFung had no problems licking the plate clean, I suppose the level of creamy-ness is acceptable :D

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Lamb shank- RM24
In spicy BBQ sauce served with vegetables and mashed potatoes, "chef's recommendation"!

I showed Kenneth a link of a review by another blogger and he said everything looked so good that he didn't know what to order! He kept going, "Eh you know that picture on the blog... which one is that ah? Very nice wan..." I am not sure if it was Lamb Shank he had in mind but Lamb Shank it was that he ordered in the end. As written by the man himself, I quote "And as for the food, it was good, not fantastic, but good, and enjoyable."

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Roast beef- RM29
With whole grain mustard sauce, roasted potatoes and vegetables

Last but not least, actually I am not too sure if it's Roast beef that Mr Alex ordered cos I didn't manage to catch what he said to the waiter. Assuming that it is, I think the dish looks too good to be eaten! Soft and tender beef roasted, just imagine the juices and meat that melts in your mouth, a burst of flavours! Again, roasted potatoes are potatoes and I love potatoes! I wouldn't mind trying this out the next time.

Ambience is very nice and homely. Felt somewhat like a place for family dinners, a small setting but excellent service. Parking is ample especially at night. TJ Haus is truly a hidden gem.

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Are you working today? I am :( But on the bright side, it's Friday!

TJ Haus (Pork free)
27A, SS18/1B,
47500, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-56364508
Business hours: 11am-2pm, 6pm-11pm
(row of shops opposite the Subang Kewajipan flyover and SS17 Police Station. 1st floor above TD2000 Showroom)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


mimid3vils said...

The crispy duck attract me the most!!

-eiling- said...

Yup the crispy duck is good! But the roast beef doesn't look like beef.

leong said...

i was here... =p

didn know u have a blog... kekeke....

from, your most beloved cousin..
Leong HL... kekekekee

nuraainaa said...

the duck looks nice.

saya tak pernah makan itik. saya mahu cuba makan itik... :D

nuraainaa said...

ish, tak habis soalan lagi. i wanted to ask you whether you know any nice, halal itik restaurants? :D

YilingL said...

Yeps!! Me too :D

Hehe, assuming it's roast beef...


How come you've not eaten duck before? Because tak halal ke? At the moment, I don't know any halal itik restaurants woh, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hard to accept halal German food authentic.


YilingL said...

well how halal is it i am not too sure. they can serve no pork but yet non halal.

Baby said...

pork free? i tot is non-halal?

YilingL said...

Well it said so on the signboard. And I don't think I noticed any porky items in the menu.

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