Friday, November 21, 2008

At a standstill

Strawberry blueberry marmalade jam

Like many of you taking the highways and low-ways to work everyday, when it is raining, you and I both know it's a no-way. Without fail, I will turn on my radio (I listen to and Priscilla Patrick will be on air reporting on the traffic flow in the Klang Valley in the mornings and in the evenings. Everysingleday, the traffic is so bad but yesterday's evening topped it all.

I remember there was once where a morning heavy downpour happened and everywhere was flooded and jammed, I left at 7am and reached office 9am sharp- the moment I clocked in- phew!

And this was what I encountered yesterday evening:




I was stuck for a whole 2 and 1/2 hours for a journey that normally takes 1 hour max. Believe me, I was NOT MOVING a single inch and for a good 30 mins, I only made progress of moving about 100m. It was so frustrating.

Having nothing to do, here's what I did to entertain myself:
- eat potato chips (I always have a few packs on standby for traffic jams hehe)
- take pictures (like the visuals you see above)
- stare, flip through and study the pricing of fast food pamphlets (as shown below)- always end up hungry though.......

Nandos? Check! Dominoes? Check! McDonald's? Check!

- play with the windscreen wipers and try to synchronize with the car behind -_____-
- see what the next car's driver is doing
- checkout if got hidden wi-fi somewhere on the highway
- text someone else who is also stuck in the jam
- and of course sing my heart out to whatever that is playing on the radio (if I know the lyrics lah)

I left office at 6pm, and I got home at 8.33pm.

Living and working in the Klang Valley cannot be more uninteresting and frustrating than this.

Oh wheee~ it's a weekend already :D

p/s: What do you do when you're stuck in a jam?

pp/s: If you saw a lone woman in a silver Myvi with the wipers synchronized with the car behind, phone camera flashing away, singing out loud (though you can only see, not hear), having potato chips in the mouth...... that was probably me ;-)


nuraainaa said...

i have a 'travel kit' in the car. which contains a bottle of lotion, snack, water, some educational pamphlets etc.

but what better way to spend ur time in the car than to curse at others.


Jen said...

damn. i'm gonna go nuts like you guys soon.

YilingL said...

educational pamphlets????!!

yea man. you and i go through the same route everyday. welcome to the club!

jason said...

Can't stop giggling :P
Aiyor, looking at those food pamphlets while stuck in jam will only make you hungrier!

YilingL said...

yea pretty silly thing to do in a traffic jam, but that's what i always do hehe. food entertains me i suppose :p

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