Sunday, December 21, 2008

Australia Movie Premier by Jacob's Creek

For those who have been eagerly asking me how I spent my 21st birthday, here's my account of the 'special' day.

It was a working Thursday so I spent half of the day in the office while anticipating for my lady boss to come in to the office and see what she wore for the movie premier that night (it said "smart casual with a hint of Aussie") We were given tickets by supplier for the Australia movie premier organized and sponsored by Jacob's Creek (distributed by Pernod Ricard Malaysia). Anyway yeah she came in about 3pm something wearing sleeveless tank top, denim and all set, YOU KNOW WHAT SHE TOLD ME??!!!!!!!

"Eh, Yiling we're going for the movie premier tonight?? I don't feel like going la.... watch movie only woh... Pavillion so far.... you ask your friends who wanna go lah..."

*stunned wtf*

"Erm... oh okay... you don't wanna go then don't go loh... I ask my friends and see." (very sad and reluctant tone)

But I still wanna go. I wanna watch Australia. I wanna attend the Jacob's Creek event (read: free flow).

So in the end, she gave me her ticket and I called every single possible person to go with me and all the replies came back negative :((((((((((((

/cue for sad violin song

So yes, I drove aimlessly to Pavillion KL (I honestly don't know the way, pakai hentam only), just in time to grab a glass each of Jacob's Creek (Shiraz Rose, Chardonnay, Shiraz- I think), watch some aborigines performance blablabla, bought popcorn and entered cinema alone, watched alone, laughed alone, cried alone. Wtf damn sad.

The movie was pretty long, 2 hrs 45 mins. In the beginning it was a bit confusing but after awhile you get the hang of it. It has a mixture of humour and romance and HUGH JACKMAN IS DAMN HANDSOME, FTW! I think he and Nicole Kidman make quite a great on screen couple.

Anytheway, after the movie ended, we were given a goodie bag each which contained a Tourism Australia booklet, an organizer, Australia postcards and a box of christmas themed chocolates! The box of chocolates is so nice (packaging) that I tak sampai hati to eat.

After the movie, I called Eiling cos she was around Pavillion to set up her Fidani booth. She and her assistant had booked a room at Sheraton Imperial KL for the night and I was invited to spend the night with them. It was a spontaneous invitation as neither do they or I had expected my special night to end like this.

To not waste the night sulking, I ordered room service for a bottle of Penfolds Private Release Shiraz Cabernet 2007 which tasted quite not right. But I still down it anyways because bad liquor is better than no liquor! Hahaha, ok jk. Cannot waste mah. The half bottle is now sitting on my office desk hehe.

Cheers to meself for turning 21 and cheers to a rather great movie and great night spent alone.

Boss if you're reading this, I don't wanna fren you oredi.
(But pls still give me my bonus k?? Hehe)


Oh ya, forgot to review about the Jacob's Creek wines. I quite like the Shiraz Rose, for the taste and the pinkish color. It has a sparkling and bubbly sensation as it is served chill like the Chardonnay. It is sweet compared to the Shiraz. I am not a big fan of white wines, so I only had the Chardonnay for the sake of trying. As for the Shiraz, it is ok, not too strong and definitely better than the Penfolds!! Should have ask to ta pau a bottle back instead of ordering room service.


* ZILING * said...

The wine you ordered from Imperial Hotel is courtesy of Lim Ziling cos the Birthday Ang Pow is from me!

Jason said...

Wah... not bad hor those freebies.

YilingL said...


yeah cos it's not any capalang company hosting it! it's pernod ricard! :D

-eiling- said...

kesian la u...

YilingL said...

yea la not as happening as you.

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