Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of Colorful Cuppacakes & NY Resolutions

12 Cuppacakes for the 12 months of 2009

Never too early or too late for Christmas

Winnie the Pooh gone orange!

Ugly duckling to beautiful swan

Butterfly kisses to you

These cute looking cuppacakes were seen on the dining table one fine evening. Mom went for some cake decoration class and I think she did a fine job at this. This is called the art of decorating cakes using fondant and marzipan. At least now cakes and muffins don't have to look so conventional and dull. My favourite was the snowman! I especially suck at clay moulding so I think mom did a great job and definitely worth some pictures.

For better resolution pictures, please visit my flickr set.



#1. Drink more water! Opt for mineral/still water when eat out. If there's a choice between liquor and water, first drink liquor then drink loadsa water :D

#2. Cut down on unneccessary purchases (Read: impulse buying). I bought a fedora which isn't in my size and used it once for less than 15 minutes just because I wanted one for a costume themed event.

#3. Pamper myself with good food so long as I can afford it. If I cannot, then make someone to treat me HAHAHA.

#4. Be less lazy. Don't we all say this every year?

#5. Last year, I made a resolution of paying every eatery outlet at The Curve a visit but it is still not achieved because I refuse to dine at kopitiams. This year my resolution will be pay a visit to every eatery outlet at The Curve EXCEPT kopitiams and overpriced common hawker fare.

#6. Just for sakes: EARN MORE MONEY $$$ without robbing the moneychanger or bank.

Since losing weight and all that doesn't work on me (infact I need to gain weight and meat), the resolutions above looks quite achievable righttttt.... :D


weide said...

Those cup cakes are nice, if they are edible, it guess it will be great! My Blog

Lydia said...

my favourite is the teapot set! the cupcakes are too adorable to be eaten!

renaye said...

r the cupcakes for sale? they look so yum!

YilingL said...

Thanks! And they are all edible. The decos are edible as well, they're made of flour and sugar but for health purposes it's better to peel them off before eating the cake.

Suet Mei,
Yeah I find that quite cute too like Alice in Wonderland. Hehe!

For now they're for home consumption but if you're interested I can ask my mom if she wants to sell them :D

nuraainaa said...

i donate u my fat u want?


-eiling- said...

what kinda resolutions is that? Drink more water?!! It's more like a habit you should cultivate!

jacthong said...

good stuff!!!

YilingL said...

excuse me you're just as thin as i am!

why cannot?


Jason said...

Wah, your mom really did a great job. But are they edible?

YilingL said...

thanks. yea they are edible! but better not eat the decorations as they are made of sugar, sugar and more sugar!

kampungboycitygal said...

same! i dreaded walking into any sorts of overpriced,overhyped kopitiam..sigh i still cant get hold of my slr :( pics are awful

YilingL said...

Yeah, for a bowl of noodles or nasi lemak at RM10, I might as well go to hawker place and get the same thing for less than RM5. What SLR brand are you using?

lowks said...

Hmm funny that you should spend money to buy fedora when it's free ^_^

YilingL said...

Surely the fedora you are referring to is not the fedora i'm talking about?

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