Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eat, ate, eaten in Ipoh!

[Continuation post of CNY in Ipoh...]

Ipoh, they say is a factory that manufactures leng luis which I cannot deny (*ahem, shamelessly points self) but more distinctively is a land of good food. I shall not harp on the obvious as it is already a very well known and accepted fact :)

Even Wikipedia says so.

We brought HB to our favourite Kai See Hor Fun (Shredded Chicken Hor Fun) stall which is run and managed by E's music teacher at Lok Wee Kui coffeeshop, just opposite the famous Salted Chicken. I've blogged about this here. Seriously, this is one bowl of kai see hor fun that I will not be sick of. It's just so darn good, I love the added shrimp oil for the extra flavour and colour! It was so good I had a regular bowl on Chor 2 and a big serving on Chor 3 before embarking home...

One of the must have in Ipoh would be the big fat juicy beansprouts, known only to be grown and available in Ipoh due to the natural limestone water. HB isn't a big fan of beansprouts but he gave his 2 thumbs up!

At the same coffeeshop, HB and Z had the Chee Cheong Fun in just sesame oil and a little soy sauce with some fried shallots and preserved green chillis. We have always grown up to love this version of the CCF as it is 1) simple 2) delicious 3) delicious 4) delicious 5) erm, delicious???

The only place where I found this style of CCF served is in Petaling Street, blogged previously here.

At the same coffeeshop again, we ordered some fried wantan, fu pei, meatballs, fishballs and fishcakes. It was nothing worth boasting, maybe because when we eat at Lok Wee Kui, we only go for the kai see hor fun and nothing else. For these 'liu', we'd prefer the ones at Dai Shu Geok. I miss the fried 'liu' so much!

Another famous item on the list is Ipoh White Coffee. We went to the place where Ipoh White Coffee was born, somewhere along Jalan Bukit Timah where all the famous coffeeshops are located- Sin Yuan Loong, Nam Heong and Kong Heng. We went to Nam Heong as Sin Yuan Loong was closed. There were 4 of us but only 3 white coffees and a herbal drink. Guess who didn't have the white coffee despite telling us that Wikipedia said Ipoh White Coffee is famous? ;)

Ipoh Char Kuey Teow to satisfy our CKT cravings!

And a bowl of assorted Yong Tou Foo to have a try on alittle bit of this and alittle bit of that ;) Oooh, note that the fishballs are not in conventional 'ball' size but flattened! Looks abit like those black white pieces in Go (a board game). The YTF taste pretty good, with the fish paste fresh and springy.

Quite miserly, right? An eggtart into 4 quarters. Nah, we were too full to have one ourselves. Tastewise, it's decent but my favourite would still be the ones from Hong Kee @ Cockman Street which is rumoured to have 40+ layers of pastry. Unbeatable. Yum yumm.

Just when we thought it was impossible to get anyone to snap a picture for us (there was an absolutely crazy crowd, packed like sardines, busy waiters... HB assured us that someone will be able to take a picture for us, he can ALWAYS get one.

So, yeah a kind hearted soul snapped a picture of us thanks to the persuasive power of a famous blogger :)

Read HB's take on Nam Heong Coffeeshop, from a Sibu boy point-of-view.


Huai Bin said...

My psychiatrist says I'm very charming and persuasive one. He's a guy. :p

Of course I can get pictures. ;)

Thanks again, for the great food and the best hospitality every this side of Malaysia! :)

The kai see hor fun is best, I didn't think I could eat a big bowl in the morning, but I did coz it was just so good.

Beansprouts - never a fan of the stuff, but the ones in Ipoh is fat and juicy and sweet, nice.

Chee Cheong Fun is good too. I prefer to normal kind. :)

Curry kinda spoils it.

Sue Me said...

the kai zhi hor fun in Lok Woi Koi belongs to my schoolmate's parents :)

I was there during Chor 4 hehehehe..

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Thankfully I had my fair share when I was back in Malaysia.

Lydia said...

Yiling, everytime you post pictures of food, especially Ipoh food, I feel like buying an air ticket and fly home immediately. Having said that, please continue posting beautiful pictures so that I can at least drool over them :) My favourite chee cheong fun is the rolled ones, with fillings, and chilli sauce all over oh yum,

YilingL said...

Next time if we happen to be in Sibu, you must bring us to eat ze best Kampua mee!

Su Ling,
Ooh really. Hmmm... I'm sure we're talking about the same person, is your schoolmate's surname Lim? Cos my sis's music teacher goes by the name of Mr Lim. He makes the awesomest kai see hor fun!! I went back on Chor 3 edi.

Awesome food must be shared!

Suet Mei,
Sorry babe, didn't mean to make you miss home so much... I will continue doing my community service to all those living abroad ;) How's the snow in Manchester/London?

Huai Bin said...

For sure! I will bring you to eat ze very best kampua (there are several places which people say are good, served in different styles). You can eat until you puke. :)

KY said...

reading this at 12:15 when I'm super hungry and yet to go for lunch is not doing any good!

YilingL said...

Eh we didn't make you puke Ipoh food also ok. What else is Sibu famous for besides Kampua Mee?

Haha. Then you never read your own blog?

Cath J said...

Hot sista!!!! and Nice food!!!

J2Kfm said...

hey, there!
nice blog, very good pics ...
u made the kai si hor fun looks almost Godly .... LOL.

how bout Thean Chun's version to u?

Huai Bin said...

Hmm...we are famous for kompia too - the pastry things (some say it doesn't have yeast) that was apparently used by some famous general in China during war time (can last a long time though it gets REALLY hard after a few hours). Best eaten straight out of the oven.

Dabai - local olive like things.

Billion - pronounced like that anyway. A great local fern eaten by locals.

Many more, shall bring you around IF you go to Sibu. Who goes to Sibu anyway except for business trips. :p

YilingL said...

Cath J,
Hot? Them or me? :p

Hehe, thanks! That's why good photos can sometimes be deceiving :p but the kai see hor fun is really good! Never tried Thean Chun though, is it better?

OoOh we tried Dabai once, E got them from somebody. Don't quite like it though :p I've never liked olives unless its the preserved from China type that's wrap up like lotus. Yeah, who goes to Sibu anyway :p

-eiling- said...

Yeah pls pimp my si fu's stall. It's ze best! and the best thing - no need to pay also nevermind (only apply to me)! Hehe... HB memang hebat can just ask anyone to take pictures.

YilingL said...

I pimped so much already. Yr sifu should gimme extra ang pow :p But you can do it on your sifu's behalf!

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