Monday, February 23, 2009

Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant

Last Saturday night, I had a date.

Aloha Cocktail Chicken- RM11.90

This date of mine is currently doing her internship in KL and is staying put at Sri Petaling. To make things easier for everyone and to pretend to be a gracious host slash old friend slash food blogger that I am, I suggested having our dinner at Fusion Haven which is kinda like a hidden gem in this Commonwealth town. Besides my date has always been bugging me to take her out to try new food.

It was raining very heavily that night but people still came in scores to the cafe for dinner. The cafe champions on its 'fusion' concept so it is not surprising to find the furnitures and decos fitting the concept, though in my honest opinion, contemporary colourful Ikea tables and chairs would make the cafe nicer rather than Chinese inspired marbled tabletops and chairs. The English themed wallpaper is a nice touch though ;)

Unagi Rice Noodle- RM9.90

For appetizers, we had the Aloha Chicken Cocktail (RM11.90) and Unagi Rice Noodle (RM9.90) as recommended by Ho Jiak! and a few other blog reviews. The dishes arrived not too long after, great because it was pouring out there and our stomachs were growling. I quite like the Unagi Rice Noodle, there are shredded carrots and rice noodles wrapped with seaweed, deep fried and topped with a dollop of mayo and some ikura. Nice! There's no real unagi though, I suppose it's just a name to depict the dish as it looks like unagi.

I did not enjoy the Aloha Chicken Cocktail much as it was a little bit spicy for me. Later I found out the spicyness came from the use of tobasco sauce as an ingredient. However, you gotta give credits for the presentation! Very nice!

English Herbs Butter Baked Lamb Chop- RM16.90

My date went for the English Herbs Butter Baked Lamb Chop (RM16.90). The lamb didn't have a pungent taste, perhaps being overpowered by the baked garlic. While I am not a fan of garlic per se, I quite like golden brown baked garlic like this. The lamb was pretty tender as well.

Pan Fried Dory Tower- RM18.90

I opted for the Pan Fried Dory Tower (RM18.90) as it is their signature dish. It's also recommended in Ho Jiak! The dish came beautifully presented, layer by layer to form a tower. The foundation is made of rice, a little bit like sushi rice but I find it rather tasteless, perhaps due to the lack of sauce. Alternating between dory fillets are 2 pieces of biscuits, similar to cream crackers but with a darker hue and bigger in size compared to your Jacob's cream crackers. I suppose this is the fusion part where I don't quite understand... biscuits with pan fried dory?? Hmmm... The dory fillets were nicely done though. The decorations are entirely edible as well, there's a piece of tempura'ed leaf, pastry stick, onion ring, deep fried lotus, potatoes and brocollies.

Hi, meet my date for the night, Khian. My childhood friend, we used to write old fashioned snail mails to each other after I moved schools and states. I remember she would update me on all the big and little things happening in and out of school (ie. my source of updates of all kinds). She still keeps me updated till now cos I'm kinda out of touch with most of the Ipoh girls I used to know :/ I call her the "Menteri Perhubungan"!! Hehe.

Map to Fusion Haven

Fusion Haven is definitely one hidden gem yet to be uncovered. Price point, the dishes are very affordable with its lunch menu from RM 5.90 to RM14.90. Other ala carte items are less than RM20. I really like the effort of the people behind Fusion Haven trying to offer fine dining food for normal cafe price. It's just what we need in these times where "cost-cutting, global economy crisis, no money..." are the most commonly used vocabulary in our daily lives.

Fusion Haven

No.45, Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
Sri Petaling,
57000 KL.
Tel: 012-2006736 (Danny)
Business Hours: 12-3pm, 6-11pm (Monday-Sunday)

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


kennhyn said...

this place was recommended by 8TV Ho Chiak last weekend. I should drop by, the food look interesting.

by the way u 2 look the same only different by the spectacle... haha

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Fusion food sure looks interesting! I dont think I have ever been for any fusion dining experience... Hmmmm...

vialentino said...

oh saliva dripping....i would love to try the food here....nice food review!

Sean said...

y'know, i actually live in sri petaling, but i've only visited this place once. i totally agree that it's a real gem though ... possibly the best eatery in sri petaling!

Khian said...

omg, yiling, kennyhn said we look! I remember people used to say too, back in those days, when we were only 150 cm tall! lol..
and how come you never mention I'm single and looking? lol!!
oklah, you and I shall be 'dates' until I find a new one alright? lol..need to write letter application to Calv or not?

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...


Ang Khian... No need no need... I know Yiling's in safe hands...

Khian said...

Calv, safe hands? lol..! you don't know me well enough then!..bwahahahha...:P

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Haha... Of course I don't know you well enough... But I know you wont dare to anything to my Yiling. She's too lovable! Got the goosebumps now? :-p

jason said...

Both of you are Ipoh girls eh? :D

Khian said...

*brrrrrrr*..goosebumps noticed.
lovable? lol..she practically made me cracked over the

and yes, Jason, all the way from Ipoh..apasal?

YilingL said...

Yeah! I watched the video on YouTube. Give this place a try! Haha we look alike? Actually yes when we were younger, I remember people telling us that too!

And it's so near your home!

Thanks! Go and try!

Many times when it's so near to you, you won't bother going there... hehe, a true gem indeed :)

You can put in your application to me, 1 week in advance :p

Yeps we're Ipoh girls, and you're a Ipoh guy! And what do we have in common? We come from The Land of Good Food :)

-eiling- said...

this is not recession food! Recession food should be less than RM10 and one dish is full to the brim!

cindy khor said...

are those food filling?? i mean they look kinda small in portion...but the food looks absolutely delectable and the presentation is fantastic ( i don't think i know how to appreciate them though)...

good photography as always

YilingL said...

Hello compared to having a meal at some crappy place with no nice food presentation... and the food is reasonably price! Btw does recession food exist? Nasi campur and economy rice also damn expensive now!

Thanks! After 2 appetizers and a mains, I can say it was pretty filling! We didnt even have room for desserts!

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