Monday, February 9, 2009

Stupidity is ME

Hello everyone,

As you're still snoring and cuddling your bolsters, I'm now sitting at the Departure Lounge @ LCCT, KL. Let me tell you how unbelievably stupid I am this morning. And by 'morning' I mean really early morning... Like 4am?

I woke up at 4am+ (albeit only sleeping for 2hrs plus due to a night out w alcohol involved) looking like a reluctant zombie w a flight to catch. I had earlier called Taxi Uncle to pick me up at 5am. 5 mins before 5am I realized my flight is at 6.20am. Normally it takes at least 40mins from my home to get to the airport, so it suddenly hit me that I was gonna be late!

Especially for flights to KK, the check-in q is always v long, so it's better to check in 45mins ahead. To cut the long story short, I told Taxi Uncle to speed ahead... He was kind enough to oblige and sped at 150kmph. Until we missed the important turning and had to 'gostan'. Luckily it's early morning and there's not much cars.

I reached airport still in one piece at 5.35am. But my colleague was nowhere to be seen. I thought I was late but she's even later??! After waiting for 15mins, I went to check the flight details and realized I got the timing wrong.

The flight was at 6.50am, which means I had an hour plus to spare.

Ok gotta go! Tata!


cindy khor said...

better rest more ya...don't over-do yourself...

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

This is what happens when you sleep late and have an alcohol night's out the day before. :-P

-eiling- said...

Why you so blur one?!! haha

Cath J said...

LOL...YeaY...Someone going to KK! Please kiss all the beaches for me! I miss them a so hard to find. Got to travel far to see 1.. *sob*sob*...

Huai Bin said...

Haha! It has happened to me before. I hate those 00:20 flights, it makes you think it's the NEXT day when it's actually today AFTER midnight. :(

I missed one flight Melbourne -> KL coz of that. The good people at MAS were kind enough to put me on the next flight free of charge though.

It makes me wonder about the double standards coz when you do that in Malaysia, you have to pay.

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

HB, it's Malaysia you're talking about. What can you expect from them? I wasn't late for my flight, but they canceled my flight, but Northwest Airlines put me on Business Class from Memphis, TX to KL via Holland. When back to USA, they suddenly upgraded me to Business class as well. Yipee!!!

Huai Bin said...

Calvin: Yeah, I had my seat upgraded once too. :) It was an overbooked flight from Christchurch, NZ -> KL and I was just 15 at the time. I was surprised to be upgraded to Business Class. They do that for overbooking but then again I was flying Air New Zealand (it's cheaper than MAS).

KY said...

better be early than late! :D

Jason said...

Em... it would be mean if I laugh :P

Tu lah, next time don't drink and wake up early :)

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

HB, my first and second time at age 21 :-) Hope for more to come!

But @15, can't enjoy the full food and beverages right? Or did you?!?!? hehe :-p

Huai Bin said...

Calvin: I did. :)
I drank. It's coz of a peculiarity - once the plane is over International Waters, they're allowed to serve minors alcohol. At least on ANZ, don't know about MAS. Never had problems ordering a drink though.

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

HB, hardcore...

@15 i was still drinking Shandy only.

YilingL said...

cindy khor,
Thanks dear, will do :)

Yeah but I couldn't not go. For Param's sakes.

Yea blur like sotong.

Cath J,
My final trip to KK *sob sob*. I had awesome seafood there! Didn't manage to 'kiss' the beaches though hehe.

Hmmm, points to ponder about the double standards here.

Well as a consolation, I would rather be early than late!

Yea man, no more drinking before a flight!

David said...

dropping by!! hahas

YilingL said...

Hi David :)

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