Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bacon Burgers

That morning when I landed in Perth, Yi Fang, my best friend from high school and her sister Yi Hua picked me up from the airport. It was so early in the morning that the skies were still dark but notice the shades of blue from the sky? It's so beautiful, I love the skies in Perth!

Anyway, my gracious hosts asked what I would like for breakfast and I think it's a common practice to try out the fast food there albeit it's only McDonalds as different countries have different items on the menu (ie. pork burger in Thailand and China, prawn burger in Japan etc). They say McD's here serve bacon in its burgers :D

One Chicken Bacon Deluxe for me! Note the cheeze slice and bacon! Absolutely yummy!

The Law sisters had the Double Beef w Bacon to share and it looks yummy nonetheless.

We also had the 'World's Favourite Fries' to share.

On the 4th day, they brought me to Hungry Jack's for bacon burgers again. If you think the colors and logo of Hungry Jack's looks familiar, folks, this is the Australian Burger King. I don't know why they call it Hungry Jack's as opposed to the world famous Burger King name though.

p/s: Beautiful skies alert!

The fast food restaurants here (ie. McD, Hungry Jack's, KFC, Chicken Treat etc) are everywhere- every nook and corner of the streets. And they all offer the same drive-thru service. Prices of fast food in Perth is cheaper than in Malaysia's. For instance, AUD4.45 gets you a small set of cheeseburger, fries and a drink at Hungry Jack's while upgrades are at 55cents for Medium and $1.10 for Large.

I had the Bacon Deluxe set for $6.95. Double beef patties, double cheeze slices and bacon spells Y-U-M-M-Y!

Fang had the BK famous Whopper. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The World's Favourite Fries still beat 'em all FLATTTTT.


yapthomas said...

I only ate Hungry Jacks' bacon. NICEEEEEEEEe.

Didn't had the urge for McD tho...

YilingL said...

McD is not bad too. I love the bacon burgers!!

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

How did the "world's favorite fries" compare to your most favorite fries aka Subang Jaya SS15 McD French Fries?

Sue Me said...


I got the story behind why Burger King in Aussie is called Hungry Jack :P

My Law lecturer told me last year. wtf..hahaha..something about Burger King's name was owned by someone else before the BURGER KING we usually called came to shore in Aussie. Hence they need to change their name and that is how Hungry Jack came along :)

YilingL said...

SS15 McD still ze best!

Su Ling,
Oh I see... I would want a Hungry Jack's if that means having bacon in my burger :D

Michelle Lee said...

Nyum! And Hungry Jack's is one of the cheapest meals you can get in Australia too! Haha. Unhealthy, but mmm cheap and filling :P When I'm on a tight budget, I have that or Subway. Can't wait for more Perth posts, Yiling! :D

-eiling- said...

yer so lucky. I can only have bacon in my Subway Melt in Singapore! Ish..

YilingL said...

Michelle Lee,
We had Subway too! It was free! Hehe my friend works there and she treated us :D again, if only we had bacon here... burgers would be so yum!

YilingL said...

We can go supermarket and buy a pack of bacon, put them in our buns and make believe that we are having mcd or subway sandwiches with bacon :p

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Wanna know the best way to make bacon? Especially when you want it to be crispy...

YilingL said...

How? Roast it? Oven it? Microwave it? Fry it???

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

You're right, microwave it.

You just wrap a few strips of bacon with kitchen towel. Put it in the microwave and microwave it on high for about 2 to 3 mins. Time vary according to the power of your microwave. Mine is perfect at about 2 mins 30 seconds.

When you wrap the bacon with kitchen towel, the bacon fat will be absorbed by the towel leaving it less oily compared to bakes or deep fried.

It's that simple! I wish I can eat crispy bacon now, buy my throat is still sore. :-(

KY said...

tapao for me!!!

YilingL said...

OoOh ingenius idea!

Never say earlier! :p

PerthHacks said...

Hungry Jacks is named that way because BUrger King encountered some "trademark" problems in Melb/Syd when they first came to Australia. Whilst expanding, they decided to just go with Hungry Jacks while the court case played on. In the end, you will find only Burger King in Syd/Melb cant remember where.

How do i know? Im a nosy Perthian seeing what people write about my city :)

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