Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Update

While I was on my way back home this evening, the clouds were distinctly fighting with each other. There is apparently 2 clans- the Black and the White. The Subang Jaya side was on the dark side while USJ spots a clearer sky.

It started pouring soon after. First soft droplets of water which evolved into hard droplets that hit the windshield with a ice cubes-like sound effects. You know the rain is going to be strong.

As Priscilla Patrick will say during the traffic reports, "Traffic is backed up to the Kewajipan Roundabout........"

Rainy season. Good for sleeping. Good night, ta!

5 comments: said...

is that Summit?

Yatz said...

nice photo on the windscreen..

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Really nice bokeh effect on the side window shot.

cindy khor said...

the 1st picture looks like some scene in the "day after tomorrow" frightening.. i haven't see these kinda weather in such a long time (ok, maybe only for 1 and a half year)...

YilingL said...,
Yeps, that's Summit.

Thanks mate!


Cindy Khor,
Haha scary huh. I've never seen anything like that before so thats why must take picture!!! It rained damn heavily after that...

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