Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

As much as I'm eager to start writing about my Bangkok trip (I gave a prelude in the previous entry :D) I need to finish up my posts on the Perth ones first! And there's just so much to write! Well having a really pain in the ass internet connection doesn't help to speed things up, I've been frantically trying to upload as much pictures into my flickr because God knows, come weekdays the connection gets busted again and/or I'm too tired to write.

On the very same day I was at Fremantle, the weather was really hot. But the heat doesn't make you sweat, so it's kinda bearable unlike the heat in Bangkok which totally exhaust you out. I literally had to wipe my sweat off with a tissue and believe me, I could squeeze every drop of my sweat out of the tissue! To counter the heat, Fang and Hua brought me to Cold Rock for their favourite ice cream.

Unlike the usual ice cream parlours which only makes/serves conventional ice creams, Cold Rock offers a unique twist to the traditional ice cream.

There are 4 simple steps to enjoying a Cold Rock ice cream:

1. Choose it.
2. Mix it.
3. Smash it.
4. Try it.

For the first step, there are ice creams and sorbets to choose from. Then there's a mix-it counter (picture above) with different selection of chocolates and lollies, biscuits, fruits, nuts and fudge. Choose what you like to go with your ice cream and the staff will proceed to...

... SMASH IT. I had the chocolate mint (my fav ice cream flavour!!) with tim tam. It was quite an entertaining watch, since I've never seen anything like this back in Malaysia. The ice creams are scooped off from the chiller and put on a cold teppanyaki. If you've read and seen how they make teppanyaki ice creams, you'll understand the process. The metal surface is cold instead of hot so that the ice cream doesn't melt or helps get it frozen while being mixed. The tim tams are then crushed, mixed and blended in with the ice cream and the outcome is a cup of chocolate mint with tim tam!

I love this! Choc mint with tim tam!

Fang and Hua had the Rum Raisin with Oreo and it was done in the same process in a jifty too! We had the kiddies cup at $4.80. Prices can escalate to $6.40 for regular, $7.90 for large, $9.90 for take home pack and $14.90 for large take home pack. Although it is not cheap, it is definitely worth the money especially on a hot sunny day.

I love this too. It's obvious to say I love Cold Rock ice creams since then but it's a pity they're not outside Australia yet. Maybe Berjaya should start franchising it :)

Besides ice creams, Cold Rock also sells ready-to-go and personalised ice cream cakes, a variety of smoothies, shakes and chillers, and desserts such as sundaes and banana splits.

Cold Rock Ice Creamery
Available all over Australia


J2Kfm said...

teppanyaki ice cream. think Le Meridien in KL serves it in their buffet.

nothing beats ice cream on a hot day. but never thought Aust can get as hot as Msia ...

YilingL said...

Yeah I think I read at masak masak before about the teppanyaki ice cream. Would love to try it! It gets pretty hot in the summer in Australia but it's not humid so you don't really sweat.

Katie said...

I love Cold Rock. I find their portions to be quite generous, which makes it feel more worth the money. I have many favourites but I do enjoy Hokey Pokey with mini M&M's mixed in. Yum!

Huai Bin said...

OMG! This is nice, I can't believe I've never had it before. Smashing ice cream with toppings. Now I know what I missed out in Australia. *sigh*

-eiling- said...

oh like the one i had in dubai. It's called cold stone there and they actually juggles the icecream! Lol..

YilingL said...

Oooh testimonial from someone who have tried Cold Rock :)

Probably it's too common till you didn't notice it when you were in Australia. Never too late to make a trip back!

Wah canggih!

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