Sunday, April 12, 2009

Work/Life Balance Regime

Believe me when I tell you I don't have any exercise regime to stay fit and healthy. For the past 21 years, the only forms of exercise I had was a little netball in school and college and walking from Point A to Point B for classes, climbing some stairs, walking to my car park...... and that's about it.

Until about 2 weeks back, I realized that my tummy is beginning to show an unsightly bulge. Oh the horror!! Who can I blame since I've been eating quite generously from the pizzas I had in Perth to the street food in Bangkok and not forgetting the wholesome meals at work (2 days of chicken chops in a row!), and then just recently 3 days of buffet lunch at PJ Hilton for some workshop (I'm telling you, my company really feeds us employees well!).

I'm a stingy when it comes to spending money to keep fit. I've never thought of even joining the GYM craze for obvious reasons- 1) Membership fee every month! 2) I'm lazy 3) Repeat #1 & #2
My favourite in-denial excuse would be... I am not that fat what. But reality is, being thin doesn't mean being healthy. That's what I always tell people when they come up to me and say, "You so thin! So nice!"

Yeah, "I so thin" but it's dangerous cos I won't know if I am diabetic or high cholestrol or high blood pressure etc. It's nice to be able to eat and eat and eat but still stay slim but it's not nice when the health issues kick in. Lucky for me, I'm still slim and healthy but that doesn't equate to being fit.

p/s: I have very low stamina.

I know I'm abit late when it comes to disciplining myself to exercise weekly but hey at least I'm trying to do so and considering that this wasn't even in my new year's resolutions, I'm giving myself a big pat on the back for the initiative! Heh.

I bought a pair of Nike Free 3.0 (Women) @ RM349 meant for running. It's designed to be light weighted, as though you're wearing nothing at all. I'm liking it so far for the simple design and striking colors but most importantly the comfort. I have never owned any Nikes before, the ones I had were normally hand-me-down by my sister or what I call "sharing is caring" hehe.

My Work/Life Balance regime will consist of 20 sit-ups daily and about an hour of weekend jogging by the lovely park in my neighbourhood. I'm looking forward and determined to improve my stamina and reduce the unsightly tummy in 6 months time.

But lest you worry, food posts will not diminish!

This is a community message by Live to Eat or Eat to Live and not a Nike endorsement post. TQ.


Huai Bin said...

WTF? You're so skinny you'll probably be anorexic if you start running. ;)

Oh wait, it builds muscle tone. I'm gonna start exercising too. :p

Agnes Cheong said...

Linked u to my blog :P

J2Kfm said...

i probably should consider a pair of running shoes for my own.

i've never invested in all these anyway ... which probably explains my hideous belly.

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

I am sure glad you finally decided to to start exercising. Hope you'd be discipline enough. Hope to see the results when I am back home during summer!

good luck dear!

cindy khor said...

i love your shoes... its so pinkish and cute and it definitely looks comfortable..

hopefully your training regime really helps you tone-down your bulge. maybe i should try doing sit ups and running too. both free.. ^__^

Oliver K. said...

"It's designed to be light weighted, as though you're wearing nothing at all"

What?! Wearing nothing at all? *snickers*. Nice shoe but so damn mahal lar. Can't you just buy a running shoe from Bata - POWER! Cool what ;). Lol.

Ohh good luck in your regime. Just dont pengsan half way on the road due to low stamina ok? bye kakak! see you soon.

Lydia said...

I admire your discipline yiling! I am terribly unfit :( I can't walk anything more than 3 flights of stairs without losing my breath and I am only in my 20s! Perhaps like you, I should come up with a light workout regime too!

Nice sneakers btw! Good luck with it and keep us posted!

-eiling- said...

My god, I've never spent so much on apair of sport shoes before! Can I borrow yours?!!

* ZILING * said...

Let's wait and see...

Give u 2 weeks confirmed u will hangat hangat tahi ayam! it runs in the family....

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Hey Yiling, prove Ziling wrong ok!

Your photos look really cool! can put in magazine edi.

YilingL said...

Again skinny does not mean healthy :)

Agnes Cheong,
Thanks :D

Yeah man, work/life balance! Or rather eat/life balance!!

Yeah I'm suddenly struck by conscience...

It's quite nice hor! But expensive :( Let's jia you together!!

Believe me there was a time I didn't believe in buying branded expensive shoes... I had 2 pairs of Power before :p But I guess now that I'm earning, I can afford a better pair of shoes (branded at the same time hehe).

Suet Mei,
Thanks! But don't flatter me just yet... let's see how long I can last :p

It's Nike Free okay!!!!! Damn exp!!!! You only splurge on Nine West :p

Wtf. Better than you. Takde inisiatif! Your tummy getting bigger and I'm gonna laugh at you muahahahaha.

Of course I'll prove her wrong!! Ok any Nike people reading this?? Pay me for the publicity!!

Walter said...

I have a old Nike free 5.0. 2 years now and I prefer to wear that even if I have another new shoe

YilingL said...

Oooh, proves that my decision to get the Nike Free range is a wise one!!

p.calais said...

its a beer bellyyy!!!!!

YilingL said...

What beer belly??!! I don't drink beer!

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