Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carnivore @ Chijmes, Singapore

Sorry for the long spell of silence, been way too busy to even go to the loo.

Pardon the jakun in me, but I have never heard of and been to Chijmes @ Singapore, so during my latest trip to the neighboring country, my colleague suggested we have dinner there, I was blur for a moment......... until I found out that Chijmes is NOT a restaurant but rather the name of the place that houses a few restaurants, bars and shops.

Chijmes sits on the old Catholic convent building. What is truly amazing about this place is, where else can you dine, watch football and have abit of happy hour drinking on a holy ground? The night scene is amazing too.

We had dinner at Carnivore which is a Brazilian Churrascaria. What is so attractive about Carnivore, as you may tell from the name itself, is the meat buffet! Meat, meat and meat galore! Definitely not very vegan friendly hehehe. I hope you read the ALL YOU CAN EAT header :-)

Supposingly condiments to go with your food- bell pepper, cheese (which looks like peanut biscuits/tau sar peah), and some salt-like thing.

Vegans can eat this buffet spread, real carnivores wait for the meat in skewers!

Before "carnivorous" mode was on.....

... And after! There's lamb, ham steak, chicken, beef, sausages, and fish. Be a caveman, we don't care.

The passadors (knife-wielding chefs) move from one table to another bearing a sharp knife and skewers of meat. They will carve you your meat, all you gotta do is....

Indicate Yes! or No! to more meat! Besides meat, there is also grilled pineapples (warm and sweet- yum yum!)

Finish the meal by balancing the (un)healthy diet of protein with some vitamins :-)

The corridor of Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ). Now what do you think does CHIJMES means?? Hmmm...

Carnivore @ Chijmes
30, Victoria Street,
Chijmes, Singapore 187996.
Tel: +65-6336 1818

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Me wants meat!

Ai Mei said...

it looks much better than Sydney's Pork Ribs.

Jen said...

try carnaval churrascaria at damansara! went there twice adi. exact same concept as this one, with the meat on skewers and all that.

got pineapple too! =P

-eiling- said... heaven...

YilingL said...

Heheh barbarian u :p

Ai Mei,
Really... there's no ribs here though.

Oh didn't know they have branches here too.. or similar concept kinda buffet.

Yeah u pig.

Anonymous said...

Meats are over cooked and dry. Can't be good.

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