Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year That Went Past

I notice that my long spell of silence is unconsciously becoming a routine rather an occasional occurrence. As much as I wish there are more hours in a day, I also wish those hours are NOT working hours. Here I am on NYE trying to write a post that (hopes) to capture the past 365 days of the year.

Some of MY defining moments for 2009:

- Quitted a job;
- Got a new job;
- Traveled to Perth, Bangkok, Vietnam, Singapore for holidays;
- Drove long distance for the first time in my life- Ipoh, Taiping, Melaka, Penang;
- Had the MOST hotel stays in 3 months- 9 times!
- Broke personal and all time record by staying up in office till 6.30am;
- Got thrown into shits and survived (1st assignment at new job) and got a good rating from bosses;
- Had the opportunity to be part of the BIGGEST milestone of the new co;
- Managed approx 30 Bangladeshi + Pakistani workers (learnt that 'Achar' means 'Good' in Bangla);
- Took up part time studies and never felt happy on weekends since then;
- Gotten an iPod Touch for birthday and now truly understands why it is THE bomb! but I'll still stick with my Nokia for phone functions cos apparently I suck in typing qwerty with touchscreen;
- Ate crocodile meat! (taste like chicken but slightly stiffer)
- Met with an accident, called an ambulance, went to the hospital (I'm not the injured one) and still believe there are good people out there;
- Stepped into an LV shop @Singapore and actually came out with a bag! (what people didn't know is I was merely helping someone to collect her bag hahaha)- at least now I know how it feels.... ;
- Registered as a voter- come GE13 I will be exercising my rights- beware inefficient $$ sucking gov, I'm gonna contribute that ONE vote for a better ONEMalaysia!!!
- Had my first Guinness on tap and still don't understand why people say it's not bitter when IT IS BITTER dammit;
- Still hates beeeeeeeeer....

... hmmm. 2009 has been a very challenging but great year indeed- a lot of travelings which I enjoy doing and greater responsibilities at work, studies to juggle, friends to meet, and bed to sleep.


My resolution for 2010- To travel at least once every quarter of the year... I'm already close to achieving it before the year begins! Phuket in January, KK in March, Bali in Sept and I'm off for a 2.5 months overseas attachment at the end of the year (just hope I maintain my performance at work lah).

Till then, I shall sign off for 2009 and be back in this column next year!


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

It has been a pretty eventful year for you my dear! Hope you will have a great one in 2010!

michelle.lee87 said...

Happy 2010, Yiling! 2010 already sounds like an awesome year ahead for you!

Ai Mei said...

Hope you will enjoy your trip to Phuket. It was really a breath-taking place as well as KK :)

I've heard from my friend that visiting Bali on sept is slightly cheaper,is that true?

YilingL said...

Yes it has... all the best to u in 2010 too.

Michelle Lee,
Wah u can forecast my year ahh :p All the bestest to u as well :)

Ai Mei,
Thanks dear. Any tips or places to visit/ food to eat?? I got the Bali trip tics for about RM200+ per pax. I haven't booked hotel yet though.

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