Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phuket- Sun, Swim, Sea and Beer Bellies

Where are the 6 packs..........????

I was in Phuket for a ho-ho-holiday in January, expecting to look for some jolly good relaxing time ogling at hot 6 packs surfer dudes, sipping on inexpensive alcohol and taking in the cool sea breeze. The inexpensive alcohol was the only thing I got :(

Phuket is packed, OVERCROWDED and congested with too many beer bellies (most old and wrinkly) and the number of decently hot guys (and girls) are countable by the fingers (doesn't even include toes). My travel buddies and I were utterly disappointed that after an hour or so of doing some human scans, we gave up and turned to our alcohol instead.

I like the colourful umbrellas

The sun was scorching hot. So hot that any white chickens to get under the sun for 5 mins would be roasted. We stayed at Patong, the most overcrowded beach in Phuket (oh yessss, we contributed to the overcrowded-ness). The beachside was lined with thousands and millions of beach chairs, which to be honest the colourful umbrellas make a pretty sight :) Each beach chair is up for rent for approximately 100 baht (RM10) a day.

Patong Downtown

Patong Downtown is just like any other beach town... touristy stuff, tour agents, plenty of 7-11 for convenient alcohol purchase, eatery outlets, bike/car rental, massage parlours, dodgy bars etc.

Club Andaman Resort at Patong

We stayed at Club Andaman Resort where we got a pretty decent deal from AirAsia Flight + Hotel package. The resort is pretty nice and comfortable, I love the buffet breakfast especially due to the pork sausages and bacon, and the poolside is a more relaxing spot than the beachside as it's less crowded and shady.

Patong Seafood
Clockwise from Top Left: Lipton Ice Tea in a bottle- classic!, Tom Yum Goong, Stir Fried Pork with Garlic, Seafood Glass Noodles, Shrimp Cakes

On the first night, we headed to Patong Seafood for our dinner which turned out to be a disappointment as the food weren't great. I especially remember that the Tom Yum was too salty! The rest were just edible to fill our stomach :/

I see....... Cheap Alcohol

The alcohol were really cheap. A bottle of Smirnoff pre-mixed cost about 500 baht (RM5) while the Bacardi Breezer was about 420 baht (RM4.20).

Cheap cheers!

Patong Seafood
Beach Road,
200m North of Soi Bangla,
Patong, Phuket.


jfook said...

The beer bellies were funny..

kenwooi said...

coz all the 6-packs always hit the gym, not the beach =P

KY said...

LOL terrible photos!

Ai Mei said...

Yea, alcohols are dirt' cheap! Managed to steal some back to malaysia!

Michelle Lee said...

Wow! Smirnoff Ice for RM5 is really cheap! I guess not everything was bad from the trip after all :)

YilingL said...

hahah there were just so many of them! they're everywhere!!

yeahlah all hiding in the hotel gym maybe grrrrr.

which part? the beer bellies :p

Ai Mei,
I wanted to but I didn't get any check in luggage so didn't lo... but managed to get 2 bottles from dutyfree hehehe.

Michelle Lee,
Yeah, cheap cheap! I think Aussie if no conversion also quite cheap rite? Perhaps the only consolation lol.

Jen said...

so did you get the stare at the black man's beer belly? :P

YilingL said...

Oh I did............. hmmmmmmmmm.

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