Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dowish Seafood Restaurant @ KK

"Tung Fung Loh"- RM22/kg

Dowish is a 'cute' name for a chinese seafood restaurant. You may question and laugh about the name but once you have tasted the food, Dowish will probably be stuck to your mind.... it's worst when it's alllllllllll the wayyyyyyyyy in Kota Kinabalu and you're here in KL. I was first introduced to Dowish during my last trip to KK with my ex-company, but subsequently was lucky enough to fly back to KK on 2 occassions for work with my currect company and had Dowish on both occassions. This time, I knew I must spread the 'love' to my other friends and I brought them here on our recent visit to The Land Below The Wind.

I was tasked to order- yay for me as I get to order my favourite dishes! The Tung Fung Loh is a must, it's a type of shell fish that needs to use toothpick/little forks to those yummy little buggers out of their shells. Yes, it's somewhat like escargots but this one is just boiled or lightly blanched and served with mustard sauce. It's addictive!

Salted Egg Crabs- RM30/kg; "Pak Cheok Har"- RM30/half kg; Sabah "Shu Chai Choi" Vege- RM12

Of course no seafood feast would be complete without the appearance of our friendly crustacean friends- the crab! While I love 'em done in salted, I equally love it with the salted egg. If I know who is the master behind recipes using salted egg, I would hail him for creating the most perfect combination! The salted egg goes well with anything and everything- pork ribs, prawns, squid and crabs. The "Pak Cheok Har" is also my favourite- big fresh succulent prawns, all freshness and sweetness of the meat still retain by just boiling/steaming (not too sure which method). You can really taste the freshness in every bite.

The Sabah "Shu Chai Choi" vege is another winner in its own category. When I was young, I remember this vege used to be available at the Pasar Besar Ipoh (Ipoh Big Market) and my grandma used to cook this and it was just the best tasting vege everrrrrrr. Then supplies for the vege diminished and I used to think that if this was to come from Sabah, then "Damn, I'll never be able to eat this again!" cos I never thought I'll have the chance to set foot in Sabah. I don't think anyone can understand this feeling I had when I had this for the first time after more than a decade of missing out on this! (I know it sounds a little drama, but really I was estatic) What differs the Shu Chai Choi from the paku-pakis we can get around here is that the former is crunchy, smaller and doesn't have that gooey texture. Best to stir fried with sambal belacan :)

Seeing that I can dedicate the whole paragraph to this vege just shows how much I love this.

Special "Shu Chai Choi" and Salted Fish Fried Meehoon- RM12 and Happy Faces :)

We initially ordered a mantis prawn but it was not available and the ladyboss recommended this special "shu chai choi" and salted fish meehoon. Initially I was a bit skeptical, how good can a meehoon get, seriously? We weren't too impressed when the dish arrived too... it's too fair for a fried meehoon! However, never judge a meehoon by its colour as after our first bite, it was too good to be true! The chef managed to whip up an ordinary noodle to one that is soft, perfect moisture and blends well with the vege and traces of salted fish. I was impressed!

One of my motive to eat at Dowish was also because they have coconut pudding on the menu but I was left disappointed as they didn't have the dessert on the menu that day :( Luckily I managed to satisfy my cravings for it at Kg Nelayan.

We were guessing the bill for the night with some of us guessing RM200 - RM300 but total bill inclusive of rice, tea and braised groundnuts appetizer came at RM127.60 for 4 persons. That's an average of RM32/person- Peng, Leng and Cheng! (Cheap, Nice and Good!)

Dowish Seafood Restaurant

Mile 5, Jalan Bundusan,
88853 Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: 6088 718 387 / 721 387
Fax: 6088 710 387

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Seafood seafood seafood!!!

You know KK so well now. Can be my tour guide?

YilingL said...

Yes but not a very good one. Hehe.

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