Friday, May 7, 2010

CTNF: Smoked Salmon & Co

Smoked Salmon & Co; Cookbook inspiration

I have recently found my motivation to cook and it was during a visit to the bookstore that I stumbled upon this enticing mouth watering recipe which was at the 'breakfast' recipe section of this cookbook. I bought it immediately seeing that it wasn't too expensive (oh yes, bought a cookbook just for one recipe) and turned the recipe to a heavier one for dinner!

Smoked Salmon & Co- not really like what's shown in the cookbook

Conveniently, I then made a trip to Cold Storage and bought what I needed. Actually I bought more than what I needed- ha haha, the potatoes, bacon, shrimps and beef sausage were not even in the recipe! Anyway it was a pretty simple but expensive meal- the smoked salmon and smoked beef are expensive.


KY said...

waaa looks so delicious!

Cath J said...

Hey not bad at all... sure yummy.. ^_^

YilingL said...

Hahaha simple meal :p

Cath J,
Yeah, it's got everything I love in it- potatoes, bacon, smoked salmon, quil eggs, beef, and prawns!!! :D

eiling lim said...

wah so alike the pic except the asparagus missing.

YilingL said...

HAHAHA cos I don't like asparagus...

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