Monday, June 21, 2010

La Cocina @ USJ

Baby Squid in Cream Sauce- RM11.90; Baked Mussels with Cheese Tapas- RM9.90; Caramelised Rich Custard- RM7.50

La Cocina has been in USJ Taipan for ages, but I have never gotten around to pay it a visit until few days ago. It was a pretty quiet Wednesday night at the restaurant. We ordered 2 tapas to try- Baby squid sauteed with shallots, garlic, herbs and cream sauce. The sauce was creamy and compliments the lightly toasted bread well. The mussels were claimed to be from New Zealand and was cooked in tangy spanish sauce and baked with cheese, I could taste something like pesto sauce though.

Negres Paella (2 pax)- RM66

Our main objective was to have the Negres Paella or in simpler description- Spanish rice cooked in black ink squid, large prawns, shrimps, fish fillets, squids, mussels, clams and vegetables. The portion was just right for 2 persons' consumption. It was a different taste of sorts compared to the normal paella. Do not let the blackness scare you as it is quite tasty and the prawns were very fresh too.

We had wanted to order one of their desserts but were told that it was unavailable. To our surprise, the waiter brought to our table a Caramelised Custard (similar to Creme Brulee) and said it was complimentary on the house. Wow, a penny saved from desserts!

We would definitely return to La Cocina for their other tapas. They are also currently having some combo promotion, for i.e. Paella and Tapas combo. Do check it out!

La Cocina
38, USJ 9/5P,
UEP Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-8023 2395

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Janice said...

woo. the prawn looks great!

Baby Sumo said...

I love paella.. this one looks pretty good.

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

One of the best I've eaten so far. Squid ink paella is definitely one of a kind and not a common sight.

YilingL said...

Yeps, it was really fresh.

Baby Sumo,
Do give it a try!

You're right!

KY said...

i love their squid ink paella! miss it

YilingL said...


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