Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baked Crab at Raffle's, Colombo

Raffles Restaurant; 100 year old building

Continuing on my journey in search of the best of Colombo is Raffle's, a not-so-old restaurant in a very old over 100 years premise. While new restaurants and cafes are booming in the post-war Colombo and choose to be at the more happening and recognizable addresses such as Ward Place or Galle Road, Raffle's is itself nestled within colonial settings and well secluded from the heat and rush of the city. Entering the restaurant, one gets transported back to the old British colonial days.

The interior; Ceasar Salad with Cajun Chicken- Rs. 385

With such colonial setting, one can only expect to have a bar that has that similar feel and environment. The thing with these old and historical establishments is perhaps not the food but the ambiance itself speaks a thousand words.

Personal wine locker; Signature Baked Crab- Rs. 425; French Onion Soup- Rs. 225

I came here with the sole intention of savoring the famous signature Baked Crab. It comes in two serving options, as appetizer or mains with the latter being a bigger crab obviously. I had the appetizer portion instead as I was also having a soup and salad. Judging from the pictures, the salad is nothing spectacular and the soup is just so-so. However, if there was a smell to the word 'baked', you bet I could smelled it when the crab arrived. The smell of baked fresh seafood is so distinct... I had a few bites but it was too salty and was going to give an unpleasant verdict but the waiter volunteered to have the kitchen whip me another one when I gave him the feedback. The second crab was indeed just nice, the smell, the baked taste of fresh crab meat, a tinge of saltiness from the mustard seed.

If there's any way I want to eat my crab, I want it this way without the hassle of using my fingers, pliers and hammer! So, come for the crab and skip the rest.

Raffle's Restaurant
35, Bagatale Road,
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
(next to Malaysian High Commission)

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]

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