Friday, December 24, 2010

Excel World, Colombo

Keeping the distance between the elephant & me

I am always delighted to meet people who tells me that they've been to Malaysia or KL. There is an instant connection in the conversation- as though we have done something together and he/she understands what I am talking about. In one of my earlier conversations with one local colleague who is coincidentally a traveling auditor, he mentioned that we have nice theme parks such as Sunway Lagoon.

Unknowingly, I brushed off the comment with an 'Oh really? I think it's just normal..."

Well, that was before I came to know what the standards of a theme park in Sri Lanka is like.

I think the Sri Lankans can sing really well

2 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to see for myself what the local theme park, or rather I would call it an amusement park looks like as the company was organizing the annual family day at Excel World. To manage my expectations, my colleague warned me that it may not be what it is like back home.

Inflatable castles- nothing extraordinary but kids love it!

Excel World is the first and only amusement place in Colombo. Sad to say, it is run down and not properly maintained and perhaps have seen better days. I was told that it is not a culture to have theme park outings amongst the Sri Lankans, perhaps because it won't be cheap and people usually visit Excel World for the food court rather than the entertainment section.

Some of the pictures I took around Excel World and the stuff we did for the family day:

A game of basketball shoots- the traditional way, not the arcade version!

The candy floss man

Adventura- hmmm

Drawing & painting competition going on

I think these are some very good paintings

What rides does your theme park has?

The usual suspects in a theme park- Merry-Go-Round

Myself with few other colleagues

The clown needs to be entertained

Strikes 'Bowling alley'

I think those are Mars bars up for grabsss (I'm sure you know machines like this is a con!)

The arcade is popular amongst the kids- I would too if I was a kid!

Entrance to Snow World... perhaps the only place you'll ever find 'snow' in the whole of Sri Lanka besides the freezer at home

Kids love snow and ice

And last but not least, you know you're in a Sri Lankan theme park when........

... the tellytubbie mascot is skinny!

obviously he doesn't eat much McD compared to the real American tellytubbie!

After a visit here, I definitely feel lucky that our theme parks are of better standards and have higher entertainment value.

Excel World Entertainment Park Colombo
383, Darley Road,
Colombo 2, Sri Lanka.


Michelle Lee said...

Oh wow, that is an eye-opener! Sunway Lagoon may be no Disneyland, but I always have fun when I go there :)

YilingL said...

We are indeed very lucky!!

eiling lim said...

how come the teletubbie so skinny? nothing to eat there? lol

YilingL said...

Hehe don't know... it's a curry-eating tellytubbie.

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