Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gandhara Crafts, Colombo

Gandhara Crafts @ Stratford Avenue

When I visited Cafe Che in my first month in Colombo, I also stumbled upon a fantastic arts gallery located just a few doors away. I am not an avid fan of viewing antique furniture or excited over the little artifacts, neither am I a person who will purposely visit a gallery because it's 'interesting' to do so.

The building itself is an art!

But, as the saying goes "Never say never". My (almost) 3 months here has cultivated an interest in these things which I once thought to be boring and extremely ancient objects. Perhaps it's the free time that I have wandering the city alone that trigger this sudden interest. Gandhara Crafts is one of those I do not mind visiting again and again just to see 'what's new' at the store.

It houses an art gallery, antique furniture, artifacts, household deco items, coffee table books, and small knick knack souvenirs.

Arts gallery
I fell in love with this piece of grayscale junior monks painting. It's at a pricetag of Rs. 89,500 (RM2,500)! Should I or should I not??

Colourful cotton bedding/ pillow/ table sheets
Sri Lanka is a major exporter of garments and textiles. Their cotton are needless to say one of the bestest quality!

Household deco items
Candle holders never look so interesting!

Buddha artifacts and deco items

Household deco items

Even things from the sea....
Everyone can be Dora the Explorer!

There's just too many rooms to explore!

Toys made out of fabric

Say hello to the new proud owner of this painting!

Now.... where do I find a house to put this..........

Gandhara Crafts
28, Stratford Avenue,
Kirulapane, Colombo 06,
Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94112596329


June said...

love the painting . how much did u get it for ?

jason said...

My house! :DD

YilingL said...

Thanks! Love it too! I paid about about 80,000 rupees (RM2,300).

Haha on one condition: it needs to be on a black feature wall!

Jen said...

What a great buy!! One day, I'll hopefully be able to afford and appreciate such things ;)

YilingL said...

Oh don't worry! You will when the time comes!!

CathJ said...

wow!! seriously you bought the painting??? How did you ship it back to Msia?? I can see that is a big painting.. ^_^

YilingL said...

Yea I bought it! My mom bought 2 cabinets and arranged for shipping so my painting is going to 'tumpang' the shipping as well ;-)

eiling lim said...

my house!

YilingL said...

Ok negotiate soon :-p

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