Sunday, March 27, 2011

Malé, Maldives

Malé - the capital of Maldives

Sorry for my long spell of silence. After returning from Sri Lanka (3 weeks ago), there's some adjustments at work (new role, greater responsibilities, and stress). I wouldn't use the 'no time' excuse as there are always time for anything and everything, it's only whether one is lazy or not. In this case, I won't deny I am (abit of) the former heehee.

Anyway, I shall move on to my next travel posting on Maldives. SL posts will be resumed when I feel like writing them.

Every. Single. Maldivian. has a cool pair of shades. Seriously.

Let's face it - unless you and I are rich & famous, Maldives remains as a dream for a holiday destination. Bali would be the cheaper and preferred destination instead (which reminds me... I've got long overdue Bali & Bandung travels to blog about too!) However, once you've been to Maldives, you'll have a different definition of what 'paradise on earth' means.

It is jaw droppingly BEAUTIFUL.

Jumhooree Maidan - the republic square of Maldives, a popular spot for social gatherings

For the unknown, Maldives was one of the affected regions when the 2004 Tsunami hit, although said to be less badly damaged than Sri Lanka and Andaman, but bad enough to alter the map of the paradise cluster. Words have since spread that one must visit Maldives at least once in their life as some of the smaller islands could possibly sink in 50-100 years time. I am not in the position to tell whether it's true or not but with the current changing climate and natural disasters happening globally, it is better to believe than living in denial.

I'll leave the googling to you on the city of Malé (pronounced as Ma-leh) and the paradise nation of Maldives... while I bring you some images of the little city with just over 100,000 Maldivians.

People's Majlis - Maldives Parliament

The Presidential Palace of current Maldives President, Mr. Mohammed Nasheed

Hukuru Miskiiy - The oldest mosque in Maldives, it's architecture is entirely made out of coral stones

Mausoleum for the very important people, tombstones entirely made out of coral stones too

Grand Friday Mosque (Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A "z" zam) is the biggest mosque in Maldives where majority of Maldivians are Muslims

Sultan Park

Fishing boats lining the shore of Malé, all ready to unload the day's catch at the fish market

This is a tuna fish

Maldivians filling up water in these striking yellow plastic containers at the fish market

... and of course the obligatory food picture:

The BEST Tuna Fried Rice ever (and expensive too) at Food Bank Restaurant


Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

We want more photos!!!

KY said...

diving diving diving?!?! jeles max!

eiling lim said...

i want to see the water!!!

jason said...

Eh... no beach??? O_o

YilingL said...

Need time to upload la. Soon...

Did not go diving. Too short time to do anything else but enjoy the room to the max! HAHAHA!

Coming soon.........

Stay tune for next post (might take a while, abit busy lately).

A Arthur said...

wow all 3 sisters jet-setting round the world.

good work

uncle arthur

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