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Bistro à Table

bistro à table

You know there's a new place in town when everyone talks about it online and offline. Joining the masses who've been here, let me give you my review on bistro à table.

Château Citran 2006

Looking for a new place to dine 2 weekends ago, I suggested bistro à table and invited my sisters to dine with Calvin and I as I always believe more people = more food we can try! We BYOB'ed a bottle of Château Citran 2006 (RSP about RM200) with a corkage charge of RM60++/bottle. Pretty expensive corkage if you ask me but we wouldn't mind if it compliments great food.

Bread & Olive Oil - where's the balsamic??

Cointreau Duck Parfait with Cornichons and Caper Berries (RM19)

Coddled Maple Syrup Egg with Crouton Dust and Fleur de Sel (RM16)

Now, this is usually where I come in to make a recommendation on what to order after going through some reviews and 4sq tips. I knew the menu is gonna be expensive, but I wasn't quite aware that they're THAT expensive, with the cheapest of entrees at RM16 and most expensive at RM40++! I ordered the two most cheapest entrees.

... which turned out to be disappointments! The Cointreau Duck Parfait with Cornichons and Caper Berries (wish they would have just worded in laymen's term of 'duck pate' - I hate pate), did not go well with us as none of us is a fan of pate! Forget about the fancy accompaniments of cornichons (??) and caper berries (??), if pate is not your thing then this is definitely not something you'll enjoy and want to pay for. The Coddled Maple Syrup Egg with Crouton Dust and Fleur de Sel did not go well with us either - issue was we didn't know how it's supposed to taste like, looks fancy yes but it's half boiled egg mixed with crouton dust (??) and fleur de sel (??) dipped with asparagus. I'd go for just half boiled egg, at 1/20 of the price anytime, thanks.

Risotto with Fresh Chanterelles, Trompete de la Mort & Morel Mushrooms with a 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano (RM42)

Stuffed Cured Quail with Parsnip Puree and Puy Lentils (RM68)

Australian Lamb Rack with Pink Pepper Jus and Crispy Savoy Cabbage (RM85)

Always have my red meat Medium / Medium Rare for the pinkish raw effect

For the mains, we ordered 3 different courses to share. The Risotto with Fresh Chanterelles, Trompete de la Mort & Morel Mushrooms with a 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano is the cheapest but also best amongst the 3 courses... fills you up with the rich creamy taste and flavourful shrooms. The Stuffed Cured Quail with Parsnip Puree and Puy Lentils didn't exactly make a memorable entrance to the table as it was taken back to the kitchen shortly after it was placed down on our table. When asked, the waiter said it was undercooked but did not tell us why when he took it away. I did not like the stuffing and the dish is just forgettable. The supposingly anticipated Australian Lamb Rack with Pink Pepper Jus and Crispy Savoy Cabbage was a letdown too despite it being the most expensive! Portion is small and although it was done medium the way I like my red meat to be (steak at medium rare), but there was no 'fireworks in the mouth' moment.

Truffled Mash (RM12)

French Beans with Hazelnuts (RM10)

If there was any right decisions that we made that night, it was to order these 2 sides: Truffled Mash and French Beans with Hazelnuts. I think the sides are executed perfectly and they're just simple delicious food. We even made a joke that we'll return for a revisit and just order these 2 sides and wonder if they will kick us out.

I like these hanging lightbulbs and orchids though

The chef did come out to ask us how the food were (we already knew who she was the moment we sat down as her voice was heard shouting "There's no more fish for tonight!!" from the kitchen - not a very pleasant experience). We provided our feedback on the food being served on a not warm plate causing food to get cold quickly, but she excused herself to bid a group of diners farewell and never got back to our table for at least a closure to the conversation.

That's exactly like if you're engaging in a conversation with your friend and she picks up a phone call and walked away without at least saying goodbye.

A revisit? Hmmm, I think I'll go spend my hard earn money elsewhere, thanks.

bistro à table
No. 6, Jalan 17/54,
46400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7931 2831
Business hours: Tues - Sun (6.30pm - 11pm)
(Directions: If you know Decanter PJ, it's just behind it)

* Visuals by Nikon D300 & iPhone 3Gs

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. Please don't sue me, I don't have money. Kthxbye.]


Anonymous said...

Ziling - I dont blame the waiters for their service, I BLAME the person that is running that place.
1) For charging that HIGH price, all food served went cold so fast thanks to the cheapskate NO plate warmer thing. Seriously?
2) I paid so much not to listen to the Chef ranting in the kitchen shouting so loudly. Annoyed me to the max & wannabe Chef Gordon Ramsay? Too far apart my sweet darling. And to be honest, she doesnt take criticisms.SHE'S NOT HUMBLE AT ALL!
3) I like the deco, but it doesnt do justice with that kind of price I am paying. Its so cramp it's like they are trying to make fast money but having as much turnover as possible.

My verdict - THIS PLACE IS FORGETTABLE & I AM NOT RECOMMENDING ANYONE THERE. Yes, BITCH mode on, as you can see I was a very annoyed & unhappy customer. Don't like my comment? Well too bad the mouth & the fingers are mine.

Calvin Goh Seow Chung said...

Me no likey this place too. Not worth the $$$ at all. I'd rather splurge on a restaurant like Café Café, KL.

Somewhat honorable mention would be the risotto we had and of course the truffle mash!

I wont come to this place ever again unless i am getting a free meal.

KY said...

ouch, doesn't seems positive at all. :S

YilingL said...


Yeah Cafe Cafe was a much more worth it place to break the bank at least.

Yeah, we weren't too please.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1st Anonymous with the person running the place. She's over her head anyways trying to suck up to her regulars while turning tables to profit the place to the max. Plus, she's so cheapskate on spending the basic like salamander n plate warmer but not pacojet n sous vide machine. No doubt she thinks she as good as gordon ramsay far away from an even honorable mention on the michelin guide. To those whose sucking up to her just for a free meal at her joint are basically sellouts to the max

beh beh said...

Paid 500 for 3 persons. Deco and food presentation was nice but food wise was very x10 awful

beh beh said...

Nothing good to recommend.return to dine: big no no

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