Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yokotaya @ Section 17, PJ

Maguro zuke don
Maguro zuke don - RM31.80
Sashimi tuna on rice

This is fresh from lunch today. We went to check out the Japanese place that opened up along the row of shops where The Gastro Project is. Yokotaya occupies 2 shoplots, making it very spacious with few formats of seating, i.e. tatami-style, diner-style or simple table & chairs.

Nigiri and zaru soba set
Nigiri and zaru soba set - RM44.80

The menu is pretty extensive with multiple choices of ala carte and sets available. We picked the maguro don (tuna sashimi on rice) and a set that has both cold soba and assorted sushi. Service was a bit slow event though there was just 2 tables. Food was ok, not superbly great. The maguro don was nicely done but does not justify the > RM30 pricetag. Actually neither does the sushi and soba set. Prices are definitely too steep for common Japanese fare, which the likes of Sushi Tei could compare... at probably 1/4 of price less.

Chawan Mushi
Chawan mushi

Still, I suppose it's a nice new addition to the nearby neighborhood and places to splurge... if it's on anyone else's budget but your own ;-)

17G, Jalan 17/56,
Section 17,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-79317003

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