Friday, September 28, 2007

chocolate: here today .... gone today!

i've been wanting to start a blog which talks about food and nothing else. but knowing me *blushes* im lazy and pig happens to be my non-existent middle name, procrastination is my forte and... and... erm, well you get the point ;-)

anytheway. here i am! still scratching my head on how to configure all these blogger settings though. so please bear with me!

everybody loves chocolates!

i absolutely chocolatey loves 'em. but of cos im no chocolate connoisseur, so my knowledge on chocolates' origins, history, types, textures, yada yada yada is pretty limited.

my sister works in a chocolate company though. so it has been really great to have chocolates every now and then.

so anyway! today's first posting will be on chocolates that i stumbled upon at home. some of which are my fav!

Danson's Tiramisu Milk/White/Dark Chocolate. it comes in a tissue-box like packaging. when i first saw it, i didnt like it as well. but! lo and behold, these kiuttttt small pieces of tiramisu tastes great! my fav would be the one in blue- *milk chocolate*, as white choc is too sweet for my liking. im not a dark choc person either.

best eaten chilled and let 'em melt in your mouth ;)

Farell's Assorted. so many different variants and comes with such *Godiva*-like packaging. perfect as gifts and comes easy for the pocket too ;-) i think it's about rm20 plus minus. the perfect PLC choc- Peng, Leng, Cheng (cheap, nice, good)

danson's award winning durian chocolates. comes in a variant of white, milk and dark chocolate. i love durians. so u might think i'll hate this fake durian flavoured chocolates. to begin with, it's not durian flavoured and it definitely doesnt taste fake.

its the BESTestestest food people make with durians ive ever tasted!

ohmydurianness. my sister told me the filling is REALLY PURELY made of durian puree. so it's not some fake perisa dan perwarna yang dibenarkan. each box comes with 9 pieces and i can easily gobble up the whole box in an half hour tvb show.


my sis brought this home from a choc exhibition in shanghai. Origins of the World Limited Edition- its from belgium though. comes in rainbow color wrappers, for eg. orange- mexico-40% cocoa milk choc etc. again, milk is my fav :)

i dont really fancy all these belgium seashells either. i think they're too many belgium seashells chocolates around. so i dont know which is the bestestest. i just know all are equally expensive. one of the reasons why these 2 boxes have been hidden in the freezer for a very very very longgggggg time.

who can forget the ever famous ferrero roches and the bouquet of ferrero roches on valentines day that will make every girl go, "ohmaigourd." *faints* ? i used to love 'em to pieces, but no longer feel the same now. maybe its just too overrated?

some of Lindt's many many many variants. ever so exquisite looking :)

... and not cheap.

Galaxy's Jewels Assorted Chocolates.

Canada True's Chocolates made with icewine. one of my fav type of wine would be icewine cos it tastes sweet, but icewine chocolates... nothing special IMHO.

some of the very kiuttttttt packagings.

sometimes, you dont have to eat 'em. staring is just as satisfying.

theres no discrimination when it comes to chocolates. theres bound to be something for everyone!

for those chocoalcoholics :)

*shameless advertorial for FIDANI Chocolates:*

do buzz me if you're interested. Fidani chocolates are all purely handmade! you can find 'em at the KLIA duty free counters.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


Ziling said...

Where are my JACK N JILL'S??!!??!

Calvin said...

I miss those nutty chocolate you gave me!

EilinG said...

Buy Fidani buy Fidani

YilingL said...

ziling: soon, soon, soon...

calvin: when u come back, i buy for u ok!

eiling: thats why i said, "shameless advertorial". tsk tsk tsk. berapa lu mau bayar saya untuk this review??

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