Sunday, September 30, 2007

Of food and songs

chinoz on the park @klcc

my eldest sister was feelin rather rich yesterday.

she wanted to treat the family for a dinner as she got her payment for a performance last week. second sister was as usual hilang entah mana on weekends, so it was only mom, eldest sis and i.

mom and eldest sister

we went to klcc. eiling wanted to treat us Chilli's but well it was buka puasa time and there were '
人山人海 ' (people mountain people sea). so she suggested chinoz on the park.


reviews ive read alot. the restaurant's facade ive walked passed alot too. but to go in and dine, it was my first 111. i nearly cried of kamtung-ness (touched) out of eiling's generosity.

i will love you for eternity :)

anyway. we got seated and menus were given to us... and from then on, mom nagged nagged nagged. it is too damn pricey. and 3/4 of the words in the menu are not english.

potong stim =_=

the numberings at the side of the menu were the prices for the dishes and there were like:


okayyyyyyy. should i go easy on her pocket or should i fill my stomach with the most awesomest food???? very tough decision.

in the end, i let eldest sister decide on the dishes. im just here to eat and indulge in some atasan restaurant atmosphere, so even if its just normal pizza im sure it will taste heavenly ;-)

omg cant wait!! very foodcited!

and so the drinks arrive...

eldest sis's hot chocolate- rm17++

mom's hibiscus and camomille tea- rm15++ i think

my hazelnut latte- rm17++

wah. shiiiiiok. eldest sis claims that chinoz has the bestestest hot choc cos they use the bestestest choc. well, she's in the choc industry so i guess she knows bestestest.

next up was the frutti di mare pizza. ohmy. its sooooooooo delleeeseeeeous.theres calamaries (and calories hehe), mussels (!!), prawns (!!!), fresh basel leaves, olives and cheeeeeeeeeeeeze.

frutti di mare pizza- rm33++


mom ordered this chicken leek and mushroom pie. mom loveeeeeeees pies.
me no big fan of pies but it was nice nevertheless.

chicken leek and mushroom pie- rm29++

the final dish was chinoz burger and fries. the burger patty is as thick as a piece of steak! but its not a piece of steak :( its merely minced beef made patty. i felt it was a tad too dry though. and mcdonalds can beat the fries hands down.

p/s: mcdonalds fries is the bestestest :)

chinoz burger and fries- rm30 something++

the burger itself was very filling. its meant for sharing i guess. the bill amounted to rm150++.

we asked to ta pau our pizza cos we couldnt finish it.


instead of a box (even that pizza stall at asia cafe has ta pau boxes!), chinoz version of ta pau is alluminium foil wrap.

well we did came to a conclusion that maybe those atasan people who eat there dont ta pau so there isnt any need for boxes in the first place.

haih kesiannyer jadi orang bukan atasan :(

*been there!*

kl was being its usual self... jam, jam, jam, butter, jam and jam.

but the night view is magnificent.

once-upon-a-time TALLEST skyscraper in the WORLD!!


yesterday aft'noon was a fantabulous aft'noon.

for those who know me well enough should know that i lurveeeee performing arts. well if you dont, now you do!

anyway, i posted a 'WANTED: Partner to go watch YKLS' for a few days on my msn pm. few friends offered to go with me. BUT they're all thousands of miles away... i thought i'll be going alone BUT thank god through kam zing who's all the wayyyyyy from swissland told me that elaine (both are my high school friends!) is interested too.

tickets to become cultured- rm47

programme booklet- rm10

i was really looking forward for this outing since i havent been going out (college doesnt count) and was a few months since i saw laine ;-)

omg. such a cultured place. should come here more often ;)

picked laine up and boy... it was reminscing bout our choir days in school all the way till we reached bangsar shoppin complex. found our way to actors studio, claimed our tics, and got seated.

signing the guestbook

despite being my 4th time there watching a YKLS production, i was really excited!! words cannot express how elated i was :)

posing with past productions' posters. vibrant colors, loverly :)

MUST have a picture with the poster!

the repertoire of songs were from their past productions such as 'Through the Barricades', 'Rodgers & Hammerstein', 'A Malaysian Affair', 'Beat it! Sing it!' and 'Four Seasons'.

the show opened with Susanna, Tracy and Ian singing 'Walk With Me'. well it really has been awhile listening to susanna sing, yea laine?

then the choir came out and sang 'Music Brings Us Together' (happened to find the song sang by another choir from dunno where). omg... hearing this song defintely brought back truckloads of memories!!

i love the song <3<3<3>

me, susanna, laine

me, lien chai, laine

susanna is one of the few people i really do look up to. i would have never known the beauty of choral singing if not cos of her. i really really enjoyed the times singing in the school choir (though we sucked) under her tutelage.

darn, reminiscence again!

lien chai is our junior by one year. he was the school choir chairperson. boy... this guy whom we used to make fun of calling him 'leng chai, leng chai' has grown! and he can sing well!! haha, really proud of you man ;-)

somehow the desire to be a part of this choral group is burning stronger than ever. hmmm... maybe i can find a few kakis and join next year!

thanks for the companionship, laine!

a cold honey lemon juice on a hot last day of september

Happy 30th Sept' guys.

[disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are based on my personal views, tastebuds and preference and may vary for others. please dont sue me, i dont have money. kthxbye.]


ziling said...

Oh pergi CHINOZ ON THE PARK without me lah!! Bagus.....

Btw, please give some credit to the person who made the HONEY LEMON drink ok *me*!

Calvin said...

Wah.... Check out the photoshop skills. Glad you enjoyed the meal. Happy 2nd food blog entry? :-p Missing you, Calvin.

Michelle Lee said...

Oooo...Chinoz on the park!! So expensive! But I guess the good food's worth it. Was there once only. :S

And you know Elaine? Hehe. She's in my course! Don't really know her, but hahaha. Wow, small world!

EilinG said...

haha...the hot chocolate is the bestestest. It uses the Valrhona chocolate. Absolutely satisfying. Too bad lim ziling :P

YilingL said...

ziling: nyeh nyeh nyeh :p

calvin: thanks :)

michelle: unless i have pots of gold, i dun think i can afford to dine there again too!

hahah, u know elaine too? really sucha small world :D

eiling: should we have another makan outing again? i eat, u pay and we can take pictures!!!

Calvin said...

Happy happy happy... I love food! American food is making me sick... Everyday the same old thing... Well not really the same... but still... I miss my mom's cooking. :'(

EilinG said...

So pandai. Why not you pay, you take pictures and I eat?

ziling said...

Very bising lah all of you. Shut up lah!

Haiyo.. working so sien. I wanna die already in the office now =(

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